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Çamarrokët e kopshtit (English: The Garden Gang) is the first Albanian dub of The Backyardigans. The songs are left in English with Albanian subtitles. It is aired in Albania and Serbia (Kosovo).

This dub is unauthorized and not official.

Official Description

Tasha, Pablo, Tajron, Unikua dhe Austin janë pesë miq të ngushtë çamarrokë. Ata argëtohen pa fund në kopështin e tyre. Çdo ditë ata mësojnë diçka të re për botën që i rrethon dhe së bashku këndojnë dhe kërcejnë gjatë gjithë kohës.
Translation: Tasha, Pablo, Tajron, Unikua, and Austin are five close, playful friends. They have endless fun in their backyard. Every day, they learn new things about the world around them, and sing and dance together all the time.

Voice Cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua Suela Xhonuzi
Pablo Mariglen Deçolli
Tyrone Ray Kasemi
Tasha Gerona Karabashi
Austin Alkeo Doko


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12 episodes from the first season were produced for this dub.

Season 1[]

# Original title Albanian title Translation
3 "The Yeti" "Jeti njëriu i dëborës" Yeti the Snowman
4 "The Snow Fort" "Kështjella prej dëbore" The Snow Castle
5 "Secret Mission" "Misioni sekret" Secret Mission
7 "Riding the Range" "Kalëroj në hapësirë" Riding on the Range
9 "Knights Are Brave and Strong" "Kalorësit janë guximtarë dhe të fortë" Knights are Brave and Strong
11 "Castaways" "Të braktisurit" The Abandoned
12 "Race To The Tower Of Power" "Gara për në kështjellën e pushtetit" Race to the Castle of Power
13 "The Quest for the Flying Rock" "Kërkimi për diamantin fluturues" The Quest for the Flying Diamond
15 "Surf's Up" "Gati sërfista!" Ready to Surf!
16 "Eureka!" "Eureka!" Eureka!
17 "Race Around the World" "Gara rreth botës" Race Around the World
19 "Cave Party" "Festa e guvës" Stone Party


Episodes were broadcast on Bang Bang in 2007. The remainder of the first season, as well as the later seasons, have been dubbed in an alternate Albanian version.

The episodes in both Albanian versions reaired in 2018 and 2021 on sister network Çufo.[1]


  • It has been confirmed that the footage has been taken from the DVDs, specifically from The Snow Fort, Cave Party, and Surf's Up.
  • This dub is unlicensed and was produced illegally.
  • The background music is almost never the original backing track. At times, backing track snippets from unrelated episodes are placed within scenes. In addition, out-of-place sound effects are added to the modified backing track.
  • Ray Kasemi resumed the role of Tyrone in the alternate dub.
  • In the opening sequence, the title card fades in as a static image. Oddly enough, the text seems to fade out faster than the blank does in some episodes, implying they are two separate objects.
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