"A Bicycle Built for Two" is a song from the episode "Chichen-Itza Pizza".

Characters singing


Uniqua: What a nice day for a bicycle ride!

Tasha: I don't think so!

Uniqua: You and me traveling side by side!

Tasha: No, you're in front of me!

Uniqua: It's going to be a pleasant trip, stick with me and you'll see! The pizza is safe in this thermal box!

Tasha: I'm more worried about me.......

Uniqua: Tasha, Tasha! It's going to be okay! We will get there!

Tasha: I just hope it's today!

Uniqua: Together, we will bike it! Relax and try to like it! Just you and me!

Both: And pizza makes three on a bicycle built for two!

Tasha: What about spiders? What about lizards? What if we see a big snake? What about dangerous jungle things? What if this trip's a mistake?

Uniqua: Tasha, Tasha! It's going to be okay! It's no problem! I'll get us there today! It's not going to be much trouble! We'll get there on the double! We'll ride and bring this pie to the king...

Both: ...on a bicycle built for two!

Uniqua: Yes, we're here! We made it here...

Both: ...on a bicycle built for two!


  • This song is sung to the tune of "Daisy Bell".
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