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This is a list of moments where Pablo undergoes a panic attack when he faces an obstacle or a situation, running around in circles and telling his friends not to worry.

When Pablo gets into a panic attack, his friends are the ones who try to calm him down by calling his name three times. When Pablo quickly (or slowly) calms down and finally understands what they're saying, they tell him something that comes up with a solution or sometimes says something that doesn't come up with a solution. There are a couple times when Pablo gets excited while having a panic attack.

Season 1[]

  1. In the episode, Pirate Treasure, Captain Pablo was worried and freaked out due to his pessimistic because he has a peg leg and then because of forgetting where the buried treasure was.
  2. In the episode, The Heart of the Jungle, Pablo as Tarzan the Very Strong was freaked out when Professor Uniqua was sinking in quicksand.
  3. In the episode, The Snow Fort, Mountie Pablo was freaked out when he saw Ski Patrollers Uniqua and Tasha thinking they were snowball raiders alerting Mountie Tyrone.
  4. In the episode, Secret Mission, Agent Pablo was freaked out when he along with Agent Tyrone and Agent Uniqua were trapped in a cage.
  5. In the episode, Riding the Range, Cowboy Pablo was freaked out when his horse Old Paint didn't leap over the stream while cowgirls Uniqua and Tasha with their horses Pal and Princess and went away.
  6. In the episode, The Key to the Nile, Servant Pablo was freaked out when Servant Tyrone spontaneously leaned against the invisible entrance to the hidden pyramid.
  7. In the episode, Knights Are Brave and Strong, Pablo as the Guardian of the Gate was freaked out when after Uniqua the Pink pushes a boulder, and it rolls off, making a path for her, Pablo, and Tyrone as the Moose of the Mist to cross, when it started sinking.
  8. In the episode, Viking Voyage, Viking Pablo was freaked out about the whirlpool after he spotted it.
  9. In the episode, Castaways, Castaway Pablo was freaked out thinking that the mystery helper was inside the hut.
  10. In the episode, Race to the Tower of Power, Pablo as Yucky Man was worried that Uniqua as Wonder Weather and Austin as Captain Hammer are gonna make it to the Tower of Power after he along with Tyrone as Dr. Shrinky were stranded on a piece of ice floating on the water.
  11. In the episode, The Quest for the Flying Rock, Desert Quester Pablo was freaked out when he along with Desert Quester Tyrone, Jungle Quester Uniqua and Jungle Quester Tasha broke the Flying Rock.
  12. In the episode, Polka Palace Party, Cowboy Pablo was freaked out after he along with Cowgirl Uniqua, Cowboy Tyrone and Cowboy Austin jumped off the raft with their instruments still on board.
  13. In the episode, Surf's Up, Surfer Pablo was overexcited when he along with Surfer Tyrone and Surfer Uniqua found Tiki Beach.
  14. In the episode, Eureka!, Crusty Ol' Pablo was freaked out after Scientist Uniqua and Scientist Tasha hit an underground spring which makes the water rise separating him from the others along with Crusty Ol' Tyrone.
  15. In the episode, Race Around the World, Racer Pablo was freaked out when he was hanging on to a pole after he accidentally snowboarded off a cliff and after Racer Austin spotted him.
  16. In the episode, Cave Party, Caveman Pablo was freaked out after coming across a hill along with Caveman Tyrone and Cavewoman Uniqua.
  17. In the episode, High Tea (The Tea Party), Pablo was freaked out after Tasha told him that they will have to wait till tomorrow after the third rumble if they don't make it.

Season 2[]

  1. In the episode, The Legend of the Volcano Sisters, Pablo the Swift was freaked out thinking that "Mahalo" is a bad curse.
  2. In the episode, The Swamp Creature, Assistant Pablo was freaked out, alongside Swamp Tour Guide Uniqua, after seeing that Tyrone as the Swamp Creature who is the Swamp Creature is real.
  3. In the episode, News Flash, Farmer Pablo was freaked out while being on the news of a flying saucer landing in a cornfield in an attempt to trick the news team.
  4. In the episode, Catch That Butterfly, Professor Pablo was freaked out when seeing that the Gilded Golden Butterfly is on his nose.

Season 3[]

  1. In the episode, Caveman's Best Friend, Police Officer Pablo was freaked out when he along with Caveman Austin, Pet Store Lady Uniqua and Firefighter Tyrone are sinking on top of Tyrone's fire truck.

Season 4[]

  1. In the episode, The Flipper!, Meteor Watcher Pablo was overexcited when finding out that a meteor is heading to Earth because he wanted it to come so he can it hit it.