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"A Major Breakthrough" is a song from the episode "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman".

Characters singing


Pablo: Oh, yes, I'm a scientist. Oh, yes, I do love science. I use every science tool and science appliance. I've discovered nothing yet. But someday soon I will I bet!

Uniqua: It's true, he's a scientist. And yes, I assist him. I hold tubes and beakers. I cater to his whims. Keep the Bunsen burners lit. His formulas are all legit.

Pablo: 'Cause I'm working on a cure for the common cold.

Uniqua: He's almost found a way to make puppies old.

Pablo: I'm gonna be the guy that makes vacuums fly.

Uniqua: He's looking for a way to make water dry.

Pablo: The world of science will do a take two. 'Cause I'm on the verge of a major breakthrough!

Uniqua: Yes, He's on the verge of a major breakthrough! Oh, yes, he's a scientist.

Pablo: Oh, yeah, she assists me.

Uniqua: There's nothing we can't achieve.

Pablo: We'll make science history.

Uniqua: A great achievement's on the way!

Pablo: Just maybe it will come today.