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"Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" is a college-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the fourth season.



"Scientist Pablo and his assistant accidentally use a growth formula on a Worman. Now they need Groundskeeper Tyrone's help to stop the clumsy giant creature!"


Uniqua and Pablo are in the backyard with different watercolors inside beaker, gloves, and goggles. They introduce themselves to the viewer as scientist Pablo and lab assistant Uniqua. They conducted a science experiment by mixing the watercolors inside the beaker. They sing "A Major Breakthrough" as they explain what science experiments they've done and what scientific breakthrough experiments they'll want to do.

The backyard transforms into a university educational institution. Uniqua and Pablo attempt to get to their lab by running across the grass, but Groundskeeper Tyrone stops them and tells them that they have to step away from the grass because his job is to keep everything at the university neat and tidy. They accept and walk around the grass rather than across. They enter their laboratory and Panlo begins to make a few last adjustments to his growth formula. While Pablo is working Uniqua goes to check on her own experiment. She's been studying Sherman the worman and has found that wormans like him are easily shared, they are clumsy, and their favorite food is popcorn. Pablo and Uniqua sing "Mix It Up" without realizing Sherman has gotten out of the tank he was kept in. Pablo has finished his growth formula and Uniqua suggests they test it on some popcorn. Uniqua gives them gloves and goggles. When Sherman sees the pile of popcorn he jumps into it without being seen. Pablo sprays the popcorn with his growth formula and it starts to glow, then grow larger. The scientists congratulate themselves for the formula's success however when Sherman pops out of the popcorn pile which also is seen to have grown larger.

The popcorn and worman start to glow, then grow larger again. Uniqua comes to a worrying realization due to the formula's effects just like the popcorn the worman will get bigger and bigger until it becomes so big it will be unstoppable. Uniqua tells Pablo has got to get to work on a new formula. Pablo yells "A new formula" at this and the worman gets scared by him and escapes out of the lab. Uniqua exits the building and tells Pablo to create a shrink formula. Uniqua alerts Groundskeeper Tyrone about the rapidly growing lab worman. Tyrone agrees to help Uniqua find the worman while Pablo makes a shrink formula. Tyrone grabs a nets on Uniqua, They sing "Where'd It Go?" as they search for Sherman while he hides from them. Pablo rushes outside with a beaker of formula.

Uniqua pours it into her spray bottle and squirts it at the worman. The worman's coloring turns from yellow to pink. Uniqua's face reddens as she scolds Pablo for creating a pink formula rather than a shrink formula. The worman starts to glow, then grow larger again. Pablo returns to the lab as Tyrone and Uniqua go to the library to find the new pink worman. Pablo pours various potions into another beaker, hoping that it will turn into a shrink formula. A green liquid appears in the beaker.

Pablo gulps as he fears that another mishap will happen. He runs to the library in search of Uniqua and Tyrone. Uniqua finds the a book and looks the worman's face, The Worman knocks into a bookshelf and falls like dominoes, Worman runs to escape, He spills the new formula. He squirts the worman with the liquid as stinking lines start fuming from his head. Uniqua scolds Pablo once again for creating a stink formula rather than a shrink formula as the worman continues to grow. The characters sing "That Worman Must Shrink".

Pablo runs back inside the laboratory. He mixes the last few formulas into the last empty beaker. He runs outside, only to hear that the worman will not listen to Uniqua or Tyrone. The worman disobeys them when they tell her to stand still.

Pablo then gets an idea. He decides to lure the worman over with his favorite food, popcorn. Tyrone uses his crane machine to drop giant popcorn kernels on the ground. The worman catches a giant pile of popcorn and squirms over. It eats the popcorn as Pablo sprays it with the final formula—the worman changes from stinky, pink, and huge to pleasant-smelling, yellow, and small. Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone all give huge sighs of relief.

Uniqua's stomach rumbles. Pablo asks her if the sound is another giant worman, but Uniqua assures him that it is just her stomach. Pablo invites the two over for more popcorn. The others accept as the college transforms back into the backyard. They sing the end song and enter Pablo's blue house. Pablo and Uniqua open the previously closed door and exclaim, "I made a shrink formula!"




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