"Austin's Lament" is a song from the episode "Race Around the World".

Characters singing


Austin: I want to win this race somehow, but I’m not in first place right now.
I'm not in second, or in third. I don't know quite how this occurred.
I'm well prepared, but I’m not fast! Instead of leading, I’m dead last.
And I’m not happy about this, no sir! I’m not happy about this.

(Spoken) Everybody else is so fast! Maybe I should just give up. But if I give up, I definitely won't win!

Oh yes, I’m bummed that I’m so slow, but it’s not over yet, I know.
My chance of winning’s kind of small, but if I quit, there’s none at all.
So I’ll keep hiking ‘cross this range and hope that things will somehow change.
‘Cause I’d be happy about that, yes sir! Oh, I’d be happy about that!
If something strange makes this race cha-a-ange...well, I’d be happy about that!

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