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Backyardigans is the Danish dub of television series of the same name.

The dub premiered in 2006 on Nick Jr. with the episode "Pirater på Eventyr".

Official description

From Viacom: 'En halv times animations-show, hvor vi synger og danser sammen med fem venner, der bringer eventyret ind i deres egen baghave.
Translation: A half-hour animation show where we sing and dance with five friends who bring the adventure into their own backyard.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua Mathilde Bremerskov Kaysen
Pablo Silas Victor Phillipson (seasons 2-3)
Tyrone Carl Hagen Hernvig
Tasha Sally Miehe-Renard
Austin Carl Weyde (seasons 2-3)


Main article: List of episodes

The first 3 seasons have been dubbed into Danish.

Season 1[]

# Original title Danish title Translation
1 "Pirate Treasure" "Pirater på Eventyr" Pirates on a Adventure
2 "The Heart of the Jungle" "I Hjertet Af Junglen" In the Heart of the Jungle
3 "The Yeti" "Backyardigans på Jeti-Jagt" Backyardigans on Yeti Hunting
4 "The Snow Fort" "Snefortet" The Snow Fort
5 "Secret Mission" "På hemmelig Missionen" On a Secret Mission
6 "It's Great to Be a Ghost!" "Det er skønt at være spøgelse" It's Nice to be a Ghost
7 "Riding the Range" "I det vilde vesten" In the wild west
8 "The Key to the Nile" "Nøglen til Nilen" The Key to the Nile
9 "Knights Are Brave and Strong" "Tapre, stærke riddere" Brave, Strong Knights
10 "Viking Voyage" "Vilde vikinger" Wild Vikings
11 "Castaways" "Strandet på en øde ø" Stranded on a Deserted Island
12 "Race to the Tower of Power" "Superskurke og superhelte" Supervillains and Superheroes
13 "The Quest for the Flying Rock" "Jagten på Den Flyvende Sten" The Hunt for the Flying Stone
14 "Polka Palace Party" "Festen i Polka Paladset" The Party In the Polka Palace
15 "Surf's Up" "Surftid" Surf Time
16 "Eureka!" "Guld og gamle knogler" Gold and Old Bones
17 "Race Around the World" "Jorden Rundt-løbet" The Race Around the Earth
18 "Monster Detectives" "Fodbold-monstret" The Football Monster
19 "Cave Party" "Hulefest" Cave Party
20 "High Tea" "Teselskabet" The Tea Company

Season 2[]

# Original title Danish title Translation
1 "Mission to Mars" "Missionen til Mars" Mission to Mars
2 "Samurai Pie" "Den Store Kage" The Great Cake
3 "Scared of You" "Uhyggelige Monstre" Creepy Monsters
4 "Whodunit" "Hvem der Tyven?" Who is the Thief?
5 "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" "Legenden om Vulkan-Søstrene" The Legend of the Volcano Sisters
6 "The Secret of Snow" "Sneens Hemmelighed" The Secret of Snow
7 "The Swamp Creature" "Sumpuhyret" The Swamp Monster
8 "Horsing Around" "Højt til hest" High for Horse
9 "Special Delivery" "Ekspreslevering" Express Delivery
10 "International Super Spy: Part 1" "Internationale Superspioner del 1" International Super Spies Part 1
11 "International Super Spy: Part 2" "Internationale Superspioner del 2" Internatinal Super Spies Part 2
12 "Movers of Arabia" "Arabiens Flyttemænd" Arab Movers
13 "Cops and Robots" "Politi og Robotter" Police and Robots
14 "Sinbad Sails Alone" "Sinbad Sejler Alene" Sinbad Sails Alone
15 "Best Clowns in Town" "Byens Bedste Klovne" The City's Best Clowns
16 "Save the Day" "Kystvagten" The Coast Gaurd
17 "Into the Deep" "Havfruejagten" The Mermaid Hunt
18 "News Flash" "Sensation" Sensation
19 "Catch That Butterfly" "Fang Sommerfuglen" Catch the Butterfly
20 "A Giant Problem" "Et Kæmpe Problem" A Huge Problem

Season 3[]

# Original title Danish title Translation
1 "Who Goes There?" "Hvem der?" Who is There?
2 "Blazing Paddles" "Flammende padler" Flaming Paddles
3 "Garbage Trek" "Hvem Tager Skraldet?" Who Takes the Garbage?
4 "Fly Girl" "Flyverpiger" Flying Girl
5 "What's Bugging You?" "Hvad Stikker Dig?" What Stings You?
6 "Chichen-Itza Pizza" "Chichen-Itza Pizza" Chichen-Itza Pizza
7 "To the Center of the Earth" "Rejsen til jordens indre" Journey to the Earth's Inner
8 "Front Page News" "Forsidestof" First Page News
9 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1" "Sagnet om de Mægtige Riddere del 1" The Legend of the Mighty Knights Part 1
10 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2" "Sagnet om de Mægtige Riddere del 2" The Legend of the Mighty Knights Part 2
11 "Le Master of Disguise" "Forklædningens Mester" The Master of Disguise
12 "Match on Mt. Olympus" "Kampen På Det Olympiske Bjerg" The Battle on The Olympic Mountain
13 "The Great Dolphin Race" "Det Store Delfin Ræs" The Great Dolphin Race
14 "Caveman's Best Friend" "Hulemandens Bedste Ven" Caveman's Best Friend
15 "Ranch Hands from Outer Space" "Farmer-hjælpen Fra Det Ydre Rum" Farmer Help from Outer Space
16 "Robin Hood the Clean" "Robin Hood den Rene" Robin Hood the Clean
17 "Escape from Fairytale Village" "Flugten Fra Eventyrbyen" Escape from Fairytale Village
18 "Pirate Camp" "Sørøverskole " Pirate School
19 "The Two Musketeers" "De To Musketerer" The Two Musketeers
20 "The Masked Retriever" "Den Maskerede Henter " The Masked Fetch


Backyardigans has not been released on to home video; however, in 2005, Nelvana announced that Paramount Home Entertainment was slated to release the dub through Scandinavian releases. However, the only Scandinavian region to receive a home video release was Sweden.

The dub has been available on TV2 Play since 2014.

The first season and third season have been available on Netflix Denmark, since 2013. The second season has also been available to stream, but was removed in 2017.

All three seasons have also been made available to stream on the Viaplay streaming service since 2017, in Scandinavia. The series has since been removed from the platform as of June 1st, 2019.


  • Recordings for the third season have been done as early as 2007.
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