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RolePoleCoyote678 RolePoleCoyote678 1 day ago

How many episodes each character is absent


Uniqua: She is not absent in any episode.

Pablo: He is only absent in 1 episode: Chichen Itza Pizza.

Tyrone: He is absent in 5 episodes: Ranch Hands from Outer Space, Pirate Camp, Dragon Express, The Funnyman Boogeyman, and The Flipper.

Tasha: She is absent in a total of 22 episodes: 8 episodes of season 1, 4 episodes of season 2, 4 episodes of season 3, and 6 episodes of season 4.

Austin: He is absent in a total of 31 episodes: 9 episodes of season 1, 7 episodes of season 2, 7 episodes of season 3, and 8 episodes of season 4.

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CuppaJoe56 CuppaJoe56 30 June

Help! There’s a Pink Furry in the base

I was taking a look at the cringe furry music video when all the sudden I got a message saying the furry was gonna vandalize Into the Thick of It by replacing the lyrics with the furry’s song lyrics! When you find the furry do that, please block their IP immediately and bring back the original lyrics for Into the Thick of It

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Wimpykidfan37 Wimpykidfan37 20 December 2019

Favourite and Least Favourite Episodes from Each Season

Everyone, step right up and give me your favourite and least favourite episodes from each season of The Backyardigans, as well as your favourite and least favourite of all time! 

My opinion:

Season 1:

Favourite: Race Around the World

Least Favourite: Eureka (also least favourite of all time)

Season 2:

Favourite: The Secret of Snow (also favourite of all time)

Least Favourite: Save the Day

Season 3:

Favourite: Le Master of Disguise

Least Favourite: To the Center of the Earth

Season 4:

Favourite: Pablor and the Acorns

Least Favourite: Dragon Express

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Hanjax70 Hanjax70 12 October 2019


I'm new to this wiki, but I'm writing this blog post because Backyardigans was my favourite show when I was little, and today it turns 15. Several years later, I realized it had such a great choreography and soundtrack. I also liked how creative the plotlines were and how they used such a diverse variety of musical genres. I would watch it religiously back then, to the point that even my parents loved it! Anyways, HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY BACKYARDIGANS!!!

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Jonah13 Jonah13 10 March 2019

My Fanmade Dubs

These are languages that The Backyardigans could have dubbed

Dub Title
English Translation
In die agterplaas
In The Backyard


Mala djeca u vrtu
The Small Garden Kids
Les Backyardigans
The Backyardigans
The Garden Pals
Ang Backyard Gang
The Backyard Gang
A háztáji barátok
Your Backyard Friends
The Adventurers
Kawan Belakang
Backyard Friends
Animale pe aventuri
Animals on Adventures
Scottish Gaelic
Otroški vrt
The Garden Children
The Backyardigans
The Backyardigans
Dychymyg y Plant
The Kids' Imaginations …

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Cake23455 Cake23455 6 June 2018

Wikia Safety messsage Summer 2018 and onward


Safety will soon be really important this time of year as schools will be closing for summer break. I want to bring this up because threats might get higher at this time of year as high school users might try to vandalize the wikia or do inappropriate things on the wiki. I will hard as much as possible this summer on not only this wiki safety but the whole entire Fandom Network for the safety of the younger kids who visit this wikia.

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Cannonbro Cannonbro 2 July 2017

Musical similarities: "Break Out" episode song may have inspired this French indie-rock song

Today, while watching a vlog on YouTube, I stumbled upon the music the vlogger was using. It sounded almost creepily similar to "The Chase Is On" from "Break Out". While some parts of the French indie-rock song "Je Compte Pour Toi" are obviously completely original to the band, the main guitar riff perfectly coincides with the rhythm of the main part of "The Chase Is On".

These two likely have no actual correlation and this was just a freak coincidence, but it was interesting.


The Chase Is On

Je Compte Pour Toi

The vlog in which I saw this…

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Geo1234 Geo1234 11 October 2015

Happy Aniversary!

I can't believe that i has been 11 years since the Backyardigans aired in America and Canada. How do the rest of you guys feel about this?

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Geo1234 Geo1234 31 July 2015


Ok it seems that this is happening again, after seven months of the Backyardigans airing again, it's gone back to hiatus. And during those seven months, not once was Bacyardigans aired in HD. "Nick Jr. Available in HD", LIES! XD. Oh well, let's just hope that it might come back and even air in HD on Nickelodeon.

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Pablor Pablor 23 June 2015

Better Quality Images

I've noticed that some pages still have images taken off of televisions; with every episode available for streaming these days, we should have been replacing them quite a while ago! To celebrate the wiki's fifth anniversary, I think we need an all-out TV-image replacement. Other wikis that I'm an admin on (the PAW Patrol Wiki, Bubble Guppies Wiki, etc.) have clear images for the most part, and since this wiki is the only one of mine to have won an award, we should make it look like that!


Compared to this...

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