Born to Play is an album featuring songs from the first three seasons. It was the fifth and final The Backyardigans album released.


  1. "Ready for Anything"
  2. "We Love a Luau"
  3. "Tuba Polka"
  4. "I Feel Good"
  5. "Go, Go, Go!"
  6. "The Customer is Always Right"
  7. "Surf's Up, Ho Daddy"
  8. "Almost Everything is Boinga Here" (featuring Alicia Keys)
  9. "Nothing Too Tough"
  10. "W-IOWA"
  11. "I'm a Mountie"
  12. "Racing Day"
  13. "I Never Fail to Deliver the Mail"
  14. "Lady in Pink" (featuring Cyndi Lauper)
  15. "Nobody's Bigger Than a Giant"
  16. "Hurry Home"
  17. "A Challenge"
  18. "Dragon Mountain"
  19. "Goblin"
  20. "Not an Egg Anymore" (featuring Adam Pascal)
  21. "Tweedily-Dee"
  22. "We're Knights"
  23. "I Betcha" (download only)
  24. "The Fleeting Phantom Figure in the Garden" (download only)
  25. "Do It Myself" (download only)
  26. "Call of the Mermaid" (download only)


  • Several of the the songs included use an extended or alternate recording. For instance, "Racing Day" combines the second and third parts into one recording. The final verse of the second part is replaced by the complete third part.
  • "We Love a Luau" features an alternate set of lyrics that were not used in "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters".
  • "I Betcha", "The Fleeting Phantom Figure in the Garden", "Do It Myself", and "Call of the Mermaid" are not included on physical copies of the CD. They are available exclusively as part of the digital download version.
  • On the CD cover, the songs from the two "Tale of the Mighty Knights" episodes are listed as bonus tracks.
  • Although Genie Austin from "Movers of Arabia" is present on the album cover, the CD does not include songs from that episode.
  • Most copies of the CD were sold in a foldout case, rather than a jewel case. The jewel case version of this CD was only sold at Borders bookstores.
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