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"Break Out!" is a medieval jailbreak-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the fourth season. It was the first episode of the entire show to use the current 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo. This was also the eighth episode in Season 4 to premiere in the United States.



"Princesses Uniqua and Tasha—with help from Magic Mirror Austin—must escape Guards Pablo and Tyrone's prison tower, all to 60s girl group music."


Once upon a time, there are Uniqua and Tasha in the backyard standing on the picnic table. To the viewer, they introduce themselves as two princesses and discuss that they are locked in a tower and plan to break out. The two sing the song "Break Out!" while telling their plan to break out: escaping from the guards.

The backyard transforms into a castle. The camera moves inside the castle's tower, where Uniqua and Tasha are locked up, and Uniqua explains to Tasha their escape plan by showing her a handmade map behind a tapestry. Tasha takes a pocket mirror from her pocket and opens it, revealing Austin's head. Tasha calls him the "magic mirror" and asks him who is the fairest in the land. Austin tells them that he always has to tell the truth and says they, the princesses are. Uniqua asks him if he's ready for the operation to break out, to which he replies that he is and that the guards should be approaching with tea and crumpets.

The guards, Tyrone and Pablo, unlock the door and bring the two princesses tea and crumpets for their meal. Tyrone reminds them about not escaping, and Tasha says that they wouldn't think of such a silly idea, and the guards depart. As soon as the guards leave, Uniqua and Tasha take teaspoons out of their pockets and scrape away around a stone in the wall's base, and after pulling it out, it reveals a secret tunnel. Uniqua says that this tunnel should take them to level 4's hallway. Then they crawl inside.

Meanwhile, the camera moves to the guards on level 1, watching the security cameras. The two sing the song "You Can't Get Out of Here" as they discuss that no prisoner can escape the tower because of themselves, the guards. After their song, Tyrone suggests that they patrol level 4. Back with the sisters, on level 4, a stone moves out of place as Uniqua and Tasha crawl out. Tasha moves the stone back and then joins Uniqua at the railing. Uniqua points to the bottom of level 1 and says they have to get there. Afterward, she tells Tasha to check in with the magic mirror to see if any guards are around. The mirror states that there is a guard one way, so they head the other way, but Austin states another guard is ahead. Tasha asks the mirror for the quickest hiding spot, and Austin's head appears on the screen and tells them there is a large plant they could hide near them. The princesses hide behind the plant, and Pablo crosses it without noticing.

The guards surround the princesses without knowing, and the princesses know they might get caught. Uniqua removes her braid and uses it as a grappling hook to swing to the third floor. As the guards meet up, Tyrone says that he'll patrol level 3, and Pablo says he'll continue guarding level 4 just in case the princesses decide to escape (since neither of them knows they already got out). Uniqua notices Tyrone coming down the stairs, so Tasha takes out the magic mirror again and asks him where the best way to level two is. Austin answers her question by telling her that the grand hallway is ahead, but it is full of security cameras and laser beams.

Uniqua and Tasha sing "Dance for Your Life" as they dance through the lasers. Then there was trouble in the end, Tasha's dress touches a laser, and alarms go off. Tasha wants to run, but Uniqua tells her they should hide from the security cameras. Meanwhile, Pablo asks Tyrone what caused the alarm, and Tyrone says that it came from the great hall, but he can't see anybody on the camera. He tells Pablo to check the princess's room to see if they're there. When Pablo gets there, he notices the tunnel where they escaped and reports that they've gotten away, so Tyrone commands him to shut all the gates and doors while he continues to search on the camera. The camera rolls on Tasha and Uniqua, who notice the gate closing, so they rush through and start climbing down the secret staircase. Tasha tells her that no one will see them on the staircase. Tyrone watches the princesses from the staircase security camera and yells to Pablo to surround them.

The princesses are halfway down the stairs as Tyrone and Pablo try to stop them. Tyrone runs from the bottom, and Uniqua tells Tasha to go upstairs. Pablo runs from upstairs, but Austin tells them to go through a door they are standing near. The princesses open the slightly stuck door and run down the hall. They come to an elevator and quickly enter it before the guards catch them.

Tyrone tells Pablo they should go down to level 1 and wait for the princesses. And the camera moves back to Uniqua and Tasha. Tasha tells Uniqua they will be caught by the guards because they are probably waiting for them on the bottom floor. Uniqua tells Tasha to give her a boost so she can reach the ceiling. Tasha agrees, and Uniqua climbs up on her shoulders. Uniqua removes a ceiling tile and climbs through it. Then she helps Tasha up and closes the tile.

The elevator door opens as Pablo and Tyrone rush inside. The guards realize that no one is in there and exit. Uniqua jumps back down, but then there was trouble: when she catches Tasha, the magic mirror slips from her hand and rolls to the guards. Pablo picks it up because he thinks it is a real mirror and opens it. He tells himself that Austin's face is not his, so Austin tells him that it is. Pablo makes various faces, and Austin repeats them. Pablo tells himself that he must look like Austin until Tyrone takes it from him and explains that the princesses must have dropped it and that it's a magic mirror.

Tyrone demands Austin tell them where the princesses are hiding, but Austin only shouts to them to run. The guards chase the princesses while singing "The Chase Is On." The princesses hide behind a suit of armor as the guards ask again where they are hiding from Austin. Austin does not tell them, and when they come across the suit of armor where the princesses are hiding, Austin shouts and yells. The guards know it is right and tell the princesses to come out.

The girls come out, but Austin points to the glass ceiling. The princesses' slippers act as rockets, Tasha gets the mirror back. and cause the princesses to fly and break the ceiling, The princesses fly safely to the grassy ground as the guards run out of the drawbridge. The guards fall into the moat, and the princesses help them out. The guards tell them that they are free and can leave, and the guards thank the princesses for saving them.

Uniqua's stomach rumbles, prompting Tasha to invite the others to her house for tea and crumpets. The medieval land transforms back into the backyard. After the characters, including Austin, walk behind Pablo's house to enter Tasha's, the girls return and yell, "Break out!" before leaving and they all lived happily ever after. The mission has successfully completed!




  • This episode was released early to the DVD "Escape from the Tower" before premiering on the main Nickelodeon channel 8 months later.
  • It is also the first episode:
    • In the Canadian airing or production order to feature the current 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo.
      • Original listed airdate of this medieval-themed episode was November 24, 2009, but it was not broadcast in the United States until about a year later.
  • This is the only episode where one of the five main characters does not get in person with the other Backyardigans during the adventure, as Austin, the Magic Mirror role, only shows his face with the princesses. His whole body appears when all five are ready to sing The Backyardigans End Song.



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