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"Castaways" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the first season. It was the last episode to air on the main Treehouse TV channel in 2004.



"Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo are castaways on a desert island. To a Brazilian Bossa Nova beat, they set up their island life - finding water to drink, food to eat, and building a cozy hut. But strange things keep happening - is someone else hiding out on their island paradise?"


Uniqua is playing in the backyard and yells, "Ahoy!" from on top of the playground slide. She slides down and introduces herself as a castaway on a desert island. She tells the viewer she is stranded on the island with nobody else as Tyrone walks up to Uniqua to say hello. Uniqua then asks Tyrone if he is also a castaway, to which Tyrone says he is. Uniqua tells Tyrone that it is just her and him on the island as Pablo walks up to the two. The discussion repeats. The camera moves to the brown wooden fence dividing Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone's houses from Austin's. Austin peeks out from the fence door and tells the viewer that he is too shy to say hello to his friends and play castaways.

Austin watches as Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone sing "Castaways." The backyard transforms into a desert island as Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone sing a reprise of the "Castaways" song. A rustling sound alarms the trio and causes them to look around for the source of the noise in confusion though. As Pablo looks upward, he finds a large palm tree containing coconuts. Uniqua wants to grab three of them so she and her friends can drink the coconut milk inside. Pablo tells the others that he will climb the palm tree and retrieve the coconuts. He is halfway up when he slowly slides down. Uniqua tells Pablo to get on her shoulders and reach for them, which fails. Next, Uniqua hops on Tyrone's shoulders as Pablo is on top of Uniqua's.

Austin watches the event and happens to have a stack of coconuts. He wants to help the three by giving them some but is too shy to walk over and hand them over. He sings "Shy Guy" after explaining his feelings to the viewer. He then comes up with a clever idea to roll the coconuts over without letting Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone see. The camera moves to the others, still struggling to get a coconut from the tall tree. Austin rolls one coconut over. Tyrone spots it and grabs it, causing Uniqua and Pablo to fall. Austin rolls two other coconuts over to his friends. The confusion starts as the three ask each other who got the coconuts, but nobody says they did.

The camera moves to Austin as he giggles after realizing he finished his task without getting spotted. Later on, Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone are slurping away at their coconut milk. Uniqua tells the boys they should make a beach hut just in case it rains. Tyrone and Pablo are okay with this idea. Pablo decides to get driftwood for the walls, Tyrone decides to get the vines to secure the wood, and Uniqua decides to get the palm leaves for the roof. She also tells them they will look for rocks for the hut's floor after they get their things. The three all set off to retrieve the items.

Pablo is shown looking for driftwood on the island. He looks to the left and to the right. He asks the viewer which way to go and looks to the left. He then looks to the right and spots a large pile of driftwood. Pablo is astonished at the look of a perfect stack of wood in the middle of a deserted island, which wasn't visible before. The camera turns to Tyrone, deeper into the center of the island, which is far more forest-like. He finds some long brown vines and tries to pull them off the tree they are hanging from, but he cannot. Austin has a pair of scissors and cuts the vines off from the top of the tree. The vines fall down Tyrone, confused.

The camera turns to Uniqua, searching the island for palm leaves. Meanwhile, Austin is hiding in the bushes, throwing palm leaves from the inside. Uniqua doesn't spot him and takes the leaves from different bushes until she finds herself in front of a short palm tree. She is amazed and starts to pick the leaves off the tree. Austin giggles and tells the viewer that he knew the short tree was there from the start.

The three gather together with their items. They are all happy and start to look for the rocks used for the hut floor, but they find a perfect collection of rocks in the shape of a hut bottom. Initially, Austin was confident to walk over to them, but he was still too shy. The three build their beach hut as they sing "Hut by the Sea." Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone open the newly built door to check out the hut. They hear a splashing noise and rush out. The splash sounds again however and Pablo spots a fish jumping in and out of the water, and Uniqua suggests they should fish it with a fishing rod. The three look around for items that could be used for a fishing rod and find some leftover driftwood for a pole and Pablo's paper clip for a hook.

Uniqua tells the others that they only need some string for the fishing line now. The camera turns to Austin, who has a ball of string. He throws the string over to Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone and leaves behind a trail of string. Uniqua realizes that there has to be someone besides herself, Pablo, and Tyrone to have a ball of string appear on the island. They sing "Who's There?" as they follow the string trail left by Austin. The string leads back to their beach hut. The trio walks inside but finds nothing until they hear a blowing noise coming from outside. The three walk to the other side of the hut and find Austin blowing air into their deflated raft. Tyrone asks him if he has noticed any items appearing on the island.

Uniqua tells the two that Austin probably did all the helpful things, and Austin approves of her theory. They all thank him for helping them out and fixing their raft. Pablo's stomach growls, so Uniqua invites them all to her house for applesauce as the island transforms back into the backyard. They sing the end song and enter Uniqua's house. Uniqua opens the previously closed door and shouts, "Ahoy!"




  • Tasha is the only main character who isn't featured in this episode.
  • Footage of this episode is later used in the Face's Music Party episode, "Pirates".
  • This is the eleventh episode to be available on YouTube.
  • The eponymous song became popular on TikTok
  • The scene where Tyrone shouts, "Up there!" is used in the Wonder Pets DVD trailer for "Save the Wonder Pets!".
  • This is the last episode:
    • In the Treehouse TV airing capacity to premiere in 2004.



Uniqua & Pablo Are Castaways! 🏝️ Castaways Full Episode - The Backyardigans

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