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This page contains a list of all Tus Amigutos del Jardín (the European-Spanish dub) DVDs that have been released so far. 6 DVDs, 3 DVD packs, and a boxset have been released in Spain as of September 23, 2009.  They are all in 4:3 full screen and feature a two audio tracks - a Castilian dub track, and an American English dub track, both in 1.0 Mono. The official, reliable release dates are uncomfirmed.

Like many international covers, the promotional image for Tale of the Mighty Knights (Parts 1 & 2) appears on Knights Are Brave And Strong-related DVDs, even though both are completely different episodes.


Cover Name Release Date # of Episodes Episodes/Bonus
El fuerte de nieve ?? 4

1. El tesoro del pirata (The Pirate Treasure)

2. El corazón de la selva (The Heart of the Jungle)

3. El Yeti (The Yeti)

4. El fuerte de nieve (The Fort of the Snow)

Me gusta ser un fantasma ?? 4

5. Misión secreta (Secret Mission)

6. Me gusta ser un fantasma (I Love Being a Ghost

7. Cabalgando por la pradera (Riding on the Prarie)

8. El secreto del Nilo (The Secret of the Nile)

Los caballeros son fuertes y valientes ?? 4

9. Los caballeros son fuertes y valientes (The Knights are Strong and Valiant)

10. Viaje vikingo (Viking Voyage)

11. Náufragos (Shipwrecked)

12. La carrera hasta la Torre del Poder (The Race to the Tower of Power)

El surf es la moda ?? 4

13. En buscar de la roca voladora (In Search for the Flying Rock)

14. La fiesta del Palacio de la Polka (The Party at the Palace for Polka)

15. El surf es la moda (The Surf is the Style)

16. ¡Eureka! (Eureka!)

Fiesta cavernicola ?? 4

17. La carrera alrededor del mundo (The Race All around the World)

18. Detectives de monstrous (Monster Detectives)

19. Fiesta cavernicola (Cavern Party)

20. Tomar el té (Let's Drink some Tea)

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