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"Catch That Butterfly" is a wild western-butterfly chasing-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the second season.



"It's a Wild West chase set to comic opera when Professor Pablo hires tough Stagecoach Drivers Uniqua and Tyrone to help him catch the rare Gilded Golden Butterfly."


Pablo is in the backyard with a butterfly net. He is chasing after a butterfly known as the Gilded Golden Butterfly. He introduces himself to the viewer as Professor Pablo, a famous insect collector, who needs to capture this rare specimen of butterfly. He sings "The Gilded Golden Butterfly". The professor explains that he will chase it through the western United States of America. The backyard transforms into the Wild West.

Pablo chases the butterfly on a rocky road and spots Uniqua and Tyrone riding a stagecoach powered by two horses. He calls out to them, but they do not hear. He whistles and they stop. Pablo asks for a ride. Uniqua tells him that giving others rides is their job. Pablo tells them that he has a difficult task for them: to capture the extraordinarily sneaky Gilded Golden Butterfly. Uniqua and Tyrone begin laughing uncontrollably, since they find it funny that catching a butterfly could be difficult.

They sing "We're Tough" as they explain how they are the toughest stagecoach drivers in the west and could easily capture a little butterfly. Pablo spots the butterfly flying overhead and gets into the back of the stagecoach. Uniqua and Tyrone drive it up the Menacing Mountain, the steepest, rockiest mountain in the west. Pablo gets out of the stagecoach and stands on its roof trying to catch the butterfly with his net.

Uniqua tells him not to stand on the stagecoach. Pablo does not listen and falls into the stagecoach. He grumbles and leans out the window, trying to capture the butterfly from there. Uniqua and Tyrone drive up to the top of the mountain after almost falling off the ledge. They celebrate as Pablo is shown in the background chasing after the butterfly. It lands on the horse's nose. Pablo sneaks up on the butterfly. Uniqua and Tyrone yell to Pablo not to startle the horses, but Pablo does not hear and scares the horses. They run down the side of the mountain.

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone chase after the stagecoach. They hop into it. The horses are about to hit a large boulder but run around it. Then there was trouble, the stagecoach crashes into the large rock with the professor and the stagecoach drivers inside. It loses its wheels and falls into a nearby river, and luckily nobody's hurt. Pablo sees the butterfly fluttering above him and tries to capture it with his net. Uniqua tells him to be careful in the river and sings "How Hard Can It Be?" as she asks the others how hard it could be to cross the river rapids.

The stagecoach hits many rocks. Its walls fall off. Many other parts of it float away, leaving just the floor and a seat. Tyrone asks if anyone hears a water sound. The water sound is coming from a waterfall up ahead. Pablo jumps up, attempting to catch the butterfly, but fails. He falls down the waterfall with the stagecoach and its drivers. After falling into the river below, Uniqua and Tyrone get on land and celebrate. They then realize that the professor is not present.

They spot Pablo climbing a rock wall after the butterfly. The stagecoach drivers identify the wall as the Canyon Wall of Doom. They climb the wall after Pablo. After they all reach the top, they sing "The Butterfly Hunt". They dance on top of a long rock on the edge of the canyon. Then there was trouble: the butterfly lands on the edge of the rock and causes it to fall. They all scream. The rock disintegrates into many small pebbles after reaching the ground, and luckily nobody's hurt again. Pablo realizes that the butterfly has landed on his nose and... ...panics.

Pablo puts the Gilded Golden Butterfly in a glass jar. Uniqua and Tyrone are glad to have finally seen the professor capture the butterfly. He then lets it free. Uniqua and Tyrone are confused, but Pablo tells them that he only wanted to catch it and that a jar is no place for a butterfly as they all watch it fly into the sunset.

Pablo's stomach growls. He invites the others to his house for grilled cheese sandwiches. The Wild West transforms back into the backyard as the characters sing the end song. They rush into Pablo's house for a snack. Pablo opens the previously closed door and says "Hi-ho, old chaps." before reclosing the door.




  • This episode appears to have the most musicians out of every other episode ever, followed closely by Dragon Express. Due to the music genre being a comic opera, they presumably bought a whole orchestra to compose the music, much like another Nick Jr show, Wonder Pets.
  • This episode was first released to the DVD "Into the Deep" before it premiered on the main Nickelodeon channel 6 months later.
    • Although this was the second episode in the US airing capacity to premiere in 2008, it was produced in 2007 according to the copyright stamp.
  • This is the only episode of Season 2 to only feature three characters.
  • Both Tasha and Austin did not appear in this episode.
  • This is the only Season 2 episode to only feature Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua.
  • This is the fourth and final Season 2 episode where Pablo has a panic attack. The first one was The Legend of the Volcano Sisters, the second one was The Swamp Creature and the third one was News Flash.
  • This is the 36th episode to be available on YouTube.
  • This is also the third Season 2 episode in airing order where Pablo has a panic attack.


  • When Pablo says gilded, the closed captions proclaim it "gidey".
  • After Pablo, Uniqua and Tyrone reach the top of the cliffs, Uniqua's left eye has the same design as Tyrone's, a simular error was also seen in Riding The Range.
  • Tyrone and Uniqua's line "Professor" was off-sync.
  • When Uniqua says, "Wasn't that quite a swim, professor?", Tyrone's voice comes out of her.
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