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"Chichen-Itza Pizza" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the third season. This marked the only time Tyrone appeared without Pablo.



"College fight songs rock the ancient Mexican jungle as Uniqua and Tasha embark on an adventure to deliver a pizza to fearsome King Tyrone."


Uniqua and Tasha are in the backyard, standing on the picnic table, calling for customers to eat at their pizzeria. They explain to the Viewer that they run a pizza delivery service. Tasha asks Uniqua what to name their pizzeria. Uniqua suggests Himalaya Pizza and Pacific Ocean Pizza, but Tasha rejects both names because she thinks they’re not catchy enough. Then Uniqua suggests Chichen-Itza Pizza. Tasha says, “Chiche-What?” Uniqua explains that it’s an very old city in Mexico. Tasha agrees to the name, and the two sing "Chichen-Itza Pizza." The backyard transforms into the ancient ruins of Chichen-Itza in the middle of a Mexican jungle. Uniqua and Tasha continue the "Chichen-Itza Pizza" song as they make their first pizza at their small pizza stand. Tasha gets on a step ladder to hang some banners but upon seeing that she is high up, she becomes dizzy and covers her eyes. Tasha tells Uniqua that’s she’s scared of heights. Uniqua comes over to pull her down from the ladder and tells her to not look down. Tasha climbs down the ladder with her eyes shut all the while saying “Don’t look down” to herself. Once Tasha is back on the ground, she still has her eyes covered. Uniqua tells her that she’s safe… on the ground. Tasha opens her eyes. After Tasha sees the pizza Uniqua made, they need someone to deliver it to, but since they’re in the middle of the jungle, there is nobody around. The phone then rings, and Tasha picks it up. Mayan King Tyrone, at the great Golden Pyramid, is on the other end. Tasha asks for Tyrone's address, and he tells her he lives at the Great Golden Pyramid at the far end of the jungle. Tasha tells him that she and Uniqua cannot deliver pizza to somewhere that far away, but Uniqua swipes the phone from Tasha and tells Tyrone that they would be glad to deliver pizza to his door and takes his order. Tasha complains to Uniqua saying it'll take a week to get to Tyrone's pyramid, but Uniqua says they'll take the shortcut through the jungle. Tasha is worried, but Uniqua tries to make it better for Tasha as the pair hops on their delivery bike with the pizza safe in a thermal box to keep it fresh and hot. As they’re about to leave, Uniqua tells Tasha not to forget their motto. Tasha reluctantly says, “We Deliver…” Uniqua and Tasha head down the jungle path. The girls sing a rendition of "A Bicycle Built for Two." At the end of the song, they arrive at a dilapidated pyramid. Uniqua thinks it's the great golden pyramid, but Tasha says it looks run-down and doesn't look very golden. She is not sure that they have arrived at the right pyramid. Uniqua tries to find out by ringing the doorbell, but when she presses the doorbell, it falls off due to the pyramid's age. Uniqua insists that they go inside. Tasha turns to the Viewer and worriedly says “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” as she fearfully follows Uniqua inside. Uniqua calls for Tyrone, but her echo is the only response.

Inside the pyramid is a giant sphinx-like statue of what looks like a reptilian creature. Tasha doesn’t think that they’re in the right pyramid. Uniqua then sees a large button with an emblem of two mountains on it. Tasha tells Uniqua not to touch anything and that they should leave. Uniqua finds out that they're in the Great Pyramid of the Earth. Uniqua points at the button so Tasha can see, but she accidentally touches it. The button turns, and the pyramid starts to shake and crumble. Uniqua realizes her mistake and says that they should get out of there. Tasha nods in agreement as they slowly back out. A giant boulder releases from the top of the pyramid, and starts rolling after the two. The girls hop on their bike and pedal as fast as they can as the boulder smashes out of the entrance and everything else in its path. As the girls are peddling for their lives, the boulder starts catching up to them. The girls ride over several rocks protruding from a stream, but this doesn’t stop the boulder. At this point, the boulder is right behind them. The girls then get scared as they notice they’re about to go over a chasm with a waterfall. As the girls fall, Uniqua grabs onto some vines to prevent her and Tasha from hitting the ground. Their bike and the boulder splash into the river below. Tasha still has her eyes covered, thinking they are still falling, until Uniqua tells her to open them. She gets down to the ground, but they notice the pizza floating away. As they're chasing after it, they notice a boat tethered on the riverbank. They hop in it and paddle after the pizza. Uniqua notices another pyramid up ahead and thinks maybe it's Tyrone's. Tasha once again says that she has a bad feeling about it as they enter the water-filled pyramid.

Uniqua picks up the pizza, and thankfully it’s still hot. She calls to see if there’s anybody inside, but there's nobody inside. Tasha says that there's nobody there and that they should leave. Uniqua sees a button with an emblem of the ocean on it, and she discovers that it's the Great Pyramid of the Waters, not Tyrone's. Tasha tells Uniqua not to touch anything so something bad doesn't happen like last time. Uniqua tells Tasha she won't but accidentally hits the button with her oar when trying to leave the pyramid. The button turns and the pyramid starts shaking. A latch opens, causing the water to form into a whirlpool with Tasha and Uniqua in it. Uniqua tries to get themselves out of the pyramid, but it is too late as the two are sucked into the latch, leading to a waterfall. They plummet down and splash in the middle of a pond. The boat sinks upon hitting the water. Uniqua and Tasha come out by the shore. Uniqua says “That was fun!” but Tasha disagrees. Uniqua checks on the pizza, and it’s still OK.

Tasha is now very angry at Uniqua and says she quits. She then sings the "I Quit!" song while marching angrily and claims she'll never go inside another pyramid again, but the pair unknowingly walks into another pyramid. Tasha realizes her mistake and tells Uniqua they should leave before something bad happens for the third time. Uniqua agrees. Tasha tells Uniqua not to touch anything, but as they’re leaving, Uniqua ends up stepping on a movement detector by mistake. The floor opens, releasing large gusts of wind from underground. Uniqua realizes that they’re in the Pyramid of the Winds. As the girls try to escape, the pizza then flies away. They try to grab it, but they are sucked in the gust swirling upward as a tornado begins to form in the center. As they grab onto the top of the pyramid, Uniqua tells Tasha to grab the pizza, though Tasha is too scared of heights to see what she is reaching. She grabs the pizza with her eyes closed. Tasha opens her eyes, but immediately re-closes them when she realizes they are still high up. Because Tasha is not looking, the cardboard box containing the pizza is blown out of the thermal box. The girls are blown back on the ground, but the pizza box flies away. Hours later, the sun sets and it is now night. Tasha tells Uniqua that they’ve been looking for hours and says the pizza is gone. Uniqua says that they can’t give up. Tasha angrily says that they lost their bike, the pizza, and THEY are lost. And they don’t know where they are. Uniqua now knows where they are. They finally found the Great Golden Pyramid, but Tasha reminds her they lost the pizza. Uniqua is worried that the king will be upset, and Tasha angrily tells Uniqua that she’s not going to stick around to find out and that she is quitting for real this time. Tasha starts walking away as Uniqua tells her to come back. A spotlight casts on Uniqua, startling her and causing Tasha to turn back around. Uniqua worries about what will happen if Tyrone brings her in without the pizza. Uniqua worriedly tells Tyrone she is from the Chichen-Itza Pizza delivery service. The doors to Tyrone‘s pyramid swing open and he orders Uniqua to enter before him with his pizza. Uniqua slowly walks inside and the doors slam shut. Tasha runs to the pyramid, worried about Uniqua. She looks up and notices something at the top of the pyramid. It’s the pizza! But when she gets nearer to the stairs surrounding the pyramid, she realizes that the pizza is very high up. Tasha is scared but must conquer her fear. Inside the pyramid, Uniqua brings in the empty thermal box. Upon seeing Tyrone, she nervously gulps and approaches him. Sitting on his throne, Tyrone introduces himself and asks how much he owes her. Uniqua tries to break the news to Tyrone, but Tyrone congratulates her for bringing the pizza all the way to his pyramid. He then sings the "Yum!" song. During the song, Uniqua tries telling Tyrone that his pizza is gone, but Tyrone is too excited to actually know. Tasha climbs up the pyramid and grabs the pizza. She loses her balance and falls through the window hole at the top of the pyramid with the pizza. Uniqua sees her and tosses the thermal box aside and pushes the throne so Tasha lands on it. At the end of the song, Tyrone tries to sit down, but his butt hits the floor due to the moved throne. Tyrone stares and Tasha, who tells Tyrone that she is with Uniqua. Tyrone takes the pizza and bites into a slice. Uniqua and Tasha look at him worried, hoping he will like it. Tyrone swallows it and glares at the two. A few seconds later he smiles and says “Mmmmmm!” implying that he loves it. He declares that Uniqua and Tasha are the best pizza service in all of ancient Mexico. He then tells Uniqua and Tasha to bring him another one, causing the girls to say, “Another one!?” to each other. Tasha's stomach growls, and Uniqua invites Tyrone and Tasha to her house for more pizza. After the Great Golden Pyramid transforms back into the backyard, they sing the outro song. The three rush into Uniqua's house for pizza. Uniqua and Tasha open the door once more and shout, "We deliver!" before closing the door, ending the episode.




  • This episode was first released to the DVD "High Flying Adventures" before premiering on the main Nickelodeon channel 4 weeks later.
  • This episode marks the first of several things.
    • The first and only episode in the series to not feature Pablo, making him the character with the second-most appearances (after Uniqua, who appears in every episode instead of being absent).
      • Austin also doesn't appear in this episode.
    • The first and only episode where Tyrone is not seen with Pablo.
    • The first and only episode not to only feature Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo.
    • The first episode in the Canadian airing, or production order, where Tasha's singing voice is provided by Gabriella Malek, and Damani Roberts sings for Tyrone.
    • The first episode to have a character other than Tasha or Austin absent, which was Pablo, however, Austin is absent as well.
    • The first and only Tyrone, Uniqua, and Tasha episode, to not feature Pablo or Austin.
    • The first episode of Season 3 to only feature three characters instead of 4 or 5.
      • This is also the only episode to differently feature 3 characters.


  • When the Delivery girls went inside of the Mayan King's pyramid, the Pizza is in the box where Tyrone eats, but when Uniqua invited over for more Pizza, it's gone for the rest of the episode.



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