The Backyardigans Wiki

The following is a list of The Backyardigans board games and puzzles produced by Ciabrink Brinquedos. These items were sold throughout Brazil.

Board games

Image Product
The Backyardigans Alinhavos 3D by Ciabrink
3D sewing game
The Backyardigans Dominó by Ciabrink
Domino game
The Backyardigans Lousa by Ciabrink
Drawing game
The Backyardigans Jogo da Memória by Ciabrink
Memory game
The Backyardigans Dominó Metade by Ciabrink
Mini domino game
The Backyardigans Kit Carimbos by Ciabrink
Stamp game
The Backyardigans Sequência Lógica with Giant Robot by Ciabrink
Story creator


Image Product
The Backyardigans Quebra-Cabeça 2 em 1 by Ciabrink
2-in-1 puzzle set
The Backyardigans Quebra-Cabeça by Ciabrink
Basic puzzle
The Backyardigans Quebra-Cabeça Cubos Espuma by Ciabrink
Foam puzzle
The Backyardigans Quebra-Cabeça Blocos by Ciabrink
Puzzle blocks
The Backyardigans Quebra-Cabeça Colecionável by Ciabrink
Puzzle collection

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