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"Could Le Master of Disguise Do This?" is a song from the episode "Le Master of Disguise".

Characters singing


Tasha: I'm a master of balance... not a master of disguise. Now, you'll see the difference... right before your eyes. With my show business flare... I'll stand straight and tall. Perform amazing stunts... to amaze you all. Feast your eyes, gals and guys... here's a show you cannot miss! Could the Master of Disguise... do this?

Uniqua: Astounding, impressive! It's really quite amazing.

Austin: But how else can you prove you're not the rascal that I'm chasing?

Tasha: Well, that was just a taste... of my many, many talents. Here's another breathtaking... fearless feat of balance. Could Le Master of Disguise... do this?

Uniqua: Impressive, amazing! You sure put on a show!

Austin: But she could still be faking, you never really know.

Tasha: Since you still suspect... I'm not what I say... here's the bit that always... takes their breath away. Could Le Master of Disguise... do this? Bet the Master of Disguise... can't do this!