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"Dragon Express" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the fourth season.



"Sway to an Austrian Strauss waltz as the Dragon Express makes it mail deliveries in Norway. Will dragon rider Austin learn to be a fancy flier like Pablo and his dragon Maverick?"


Pablo is in the backyard wearing a brown helmet with horns and pretending to fly a dragon. He introduces himself to the viewer and explains that today is his first day of working at Dragon Express, a delivery service in which dragons are used to deliver mail and packages around the world. He sings the song "Dragon Express". The backyard transforms into a Norway landscape.

Pablo greets his fellow workers. He meets Boss Uniqua and fellow driver Austin. Pablo demonstrates his method of flying. He then gets passed a package to deliver with Austin. They go to Cliff Top Castle while singing "Fancy Flying" for the first delivery. Pablo takes a shortcut that requires agility and speed. But Austin, who doesn't like going too fast or too high, takes the long way up. Pablo returns to the postal building.

A few minutes later, Austin arrives. Uniqua tells them to deliver too more packages to Mountain Mine. Pablo takes a seemingly impossible way in (through the small door) and encourages Austin to do so as well. Austin, frightened, succeeds. Pablo teaches Austin to fly fancy while singing "Dragon Jock". They succeed the mission and return to Boss Uniqua.

Uniqua tells them that the last delivery of the day is to the Ice Palace, but there is only one package. Pablo takes it and flies fancily to the palace. He flies in, but causes most of the stalagmites in the palace to crash and fall. He reaches a room with many mirrors, but he cannot find the real mailbox because each has a picture of a mailbox. Then there was trouble: the palace begins to fall apart. His dragon, Maverick, sends a signal of fire.

Austin realizes that Pablo is in desperate need of help and flies with his dragon, Windy, over to the palace. He sees the broken ice and tries to find Pablo. He finds Pablo and tries to find the right mailbox. They cannot do so, but Austin figures out a way to: use the dragons' fire to melt the mirrors and see which one is a piece of glass with a mailbox behind it.

They do so, and after a couple of tries, find the real mailbox. They deliver the package and fly out quickly. After the two fly back to the postal building and cheer, they sing "Woo Hoo" with Uniqua to celebrate. Then Uniqua says to Pablo and Austin that she needs to make delivery to her growling stomach because she's hungry. So, Austin invites Uniqua and Pablo over for cake at his house as the Norway landscape transforms back into the backyard. They sing the end song.

Then the three (Except Tyrone & Tasha) say “see you later” to the viewers and enter the gate dividing Austin's house from the others. Pablo and Austin open the previously closed gate door and shout "Woo hoo!", and then they proceed to Austin’s house.




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