"Extra, Extra Tough" is a song from the episode "Viking Voyage".

Characters singing


Tasha: Oh, you prob'ly think that mermaids are lovely, nice and sweet. We hang out in the water with tails instead of feet! Well yes, you’re right, I’m cute and nice, but when the sea gets rough... I’m not only beautiful, I’m extra, extra tough! Hmmm... I’m faster than a dolphin, I’m stronger than a whale! I can stop a Viking ship with one swish of my tail! Those Vikings look so stylish with helmets, vests and stuff! But I’m even more beautiful and extra, extra tough! Hmmm... I’ll trap those funky Vikings inside my mermaid lair! I’ll make them sing me Viking songs and prob'ly keep them there! They might be great explorers, but that won’t be enough! ‘Cause I’m not only beautiful, I’m extra, extra tough! Yes, I’m not only beautiful...I’m extra, extra tough!


This song is sung to the tune of "The Yellow Rose Of Texas".

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