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"Fly Girl" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the third season.



"Fifties rock-and-roll music backs the cheery efforts of Pilot Uniqua to deliver singing telegrams to a grumpy pirate, a peace-loving queen, and even the Abominable Snowman!"


Uniqua is in the backyard, pretending to soar like an airplane. She comes to a halt and introduces herself to the viewer as Pilot Uniqua, an airplane pilot who explains how she flies worldwide, delivering "singing telegrams" to make grumpy people smile. She sings "A Singing Telegram" as the backyard transforms into an airport.

Uniqua hops into a pink 1930s plane. Inside the plane, a printer prints a picture of a blue penguin pirate, Pirate Captain Moody. Uniqua tells the viewer that she must go to his ship to deliver a singing telegram to him and flies off. Meanwhile, at the ship, Captain Moody is mopping the deck of the boat. He sings "Clean, Clean, Clean" as he explains that he will never rest until his ship is clean.

Uniqua lands near the boat and exits her plane. Then there is trouble: when Uniqua enters the ship, her foot gets stuck in a bucket, spilling its contents when she pulls it out. Then she leaves watery footprints on the ship's floor. Moody greets her by yelling and screaming because she made a mess on his boat. The captain yells at her to get off the deck, and Uniqua jumps onto the ship's mast. Pirate Moody demands she get off the mast. She climbs onto the sail and slides down as Moody yells that he just ironed the sail.

Enraged, Pirate Captain Moody makes her walk the plank. Uniqua takes out a pitch pipe and begins singing "A Singing Telegram." Moody tells her to stay on the plank (to get his pitch pipe and thank her), but Uniqua thinks he dislikes her song. She runs back into her plane and flies away as Moody comes back screaming. Moody then drives his ship to find Uniqua to thank her.

The printer inside the plane prints another picture. This time, it is an Indian queen, Maharani Tasha. Uniqua knows it is a new telegram, so she flies to India. Meanwhile, the Maharani is relaxing on her couch at her palace. Birds tweet outside, and Tasha tells them to be quiet. The birds continue chirping. Tasha hushes them again, but the birds is not follow. This causes Tasha to immediately walk over to her window and yell, "SILENCE!" The birds finally stop.

Uniqua noisily lands near the palace, causing Tasha to wonder what made the loud sounds. Uniqua enters the building quietly and yells, "SURPRISE!" causing the Maharani to scream. Uniqua talks loudly, but Tasha tries to shush her. Then there is trouble: Uniqua walks backward and bumps into a pillar, causing the others to fall like dominoes and destroy a giant gong. Maharani Tasha is enraged at Uniqua for making too much noise, so she pulls a lever. Tiles on the floor move away, revealing a pit. Tasha tells Uniqua that she has to lock her in her Chamber of Silence. Uniqua quickly sings, "A Singing Telegram." Tasha stops the tiles and tells Uniqua to stay there (so Tasha can get her pitch pipe and thank her), but Uniqua thinks she dislikes the song.

Uniqua runs outside, but Captain Moody has caught up with her. Moody yells and is followed by Tasha yelling angrily. Uniqua sneaks out of the argument and flies off as the two grumps yell at Uniqua madly. The grumps sing, "It's Great to Meet a Grump Like You," as they meet before heading to wherever Uniqua is going.

Meanwhile, the printer in Uniqua's plane prints another picture. This time, it is the Abominable Snowman. Uniqua flies to a snowy mountain where he has just finished shoveling a long path leading to his cave. Then there is trouble: when Uniqua tries to land, her plane comes and knocks lots of snow onto his path. This makes the Abominable Snowman so angry at Uniqua when she gets out that he chases her angrily. Uniqua screams, runs to her plane, climbs on top of it, and sings a quick version of "A Singing Telegram." The Abominable Snowman tells Uniqua to stay right there (to get his pitch pipe and thank her), but Uniqua thinks he dislikes her song. Uniqua's plane falls off the mountain, but she gains control and flies away. Tasha and Moody arrive on a sled and begin yelling at Uniqua. The Abominable Snowman is confused because everything is happening so fast, but he goes along with it by greeting and yelling along with them.

As Uniqua watches the trio of grumps screaming at her, she thinks her singing telegrams didn't work and decides to try again tomorrow. Uniqua arrives at the airport and sadly says, "Home, sweet home," before the three grumps run up to her, screaming. Uniqua screams again and runs to her plane to escape, but the trio of grumps sings "Thank You" to thank her for the songs as Uniqua accepts their thanks. The Abominable Snowman's stomach growls, so he invites them to his house for chocolate pudding as the airport transforms back into the backyard. The four sing the end song, enter Uniqua's house, and have chocolate pudding for a snack instead. Uniqua opens the previously closed door and sings, "Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi!" before reclosing her house's door.



Running Gags

  • Uniqua accidentally interrupting someone's hard work or privacy and making them mad.
  • The angry characters telling Uniqua to stay where she is as they run off to get a pitch pipe to tell her thank you only for her to have made a run for it.


  • This is the first Season 3 episode where Austin is absent.
  • Captain Moody and his ship are callbacks to the first episode of the series, Pirate Treasure.


  • After the last song, Tyrone invites everyone to his house to eat chocolate pudding, but they all enter Uniqua's house instead.



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