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"Follow the Feather" is a British adventure-styled themed episode of The Backyardigans from the fourth season.



"Join Tyrone and the Adventurer's Club on a feather-following expedition to find the one and only Flying Polka-Dotted Pony, all set to psychedelic rock sounds!"


Tyrone is in the backyard chasing after a polka-dotted feather floating in the air. He struggles to reach it. Tyrone introduces himself to the viewer as an adventurer who embarks on expeditions to find things the world has never seen, such as the feather. He tells the viewer that the feather belongs to the rare, flying, polka-dotted pony and sings, "Watch Her Fly." Tyrone catches the feather and realizes that the other members of the Adventurer's Club can help him find the pony. The backyard transforms into a dark landscape where a mysterious lady dressed in a dress makes it difficult to realize her true identity.

The mysterious lady tells Tyrone to follow the feather to find the pony. Tyrone wonders what "follow the feather" means and realizes that the mysterious lady is gone. He walks into a dark building where Pablo and Tasha study a map and a vase. Tyrone shouts, "My fellow adventurers!" and causes Pablo to lose his grip on the vase and almost drop it. Tyrone tells him and Tasha that they will look for the rare polka-dotted pony today.

Tasha asks where the pony could live, and Tyrone looks at the map she is holding. He holds the pony's feather up to a part of the map and realizes that the Feather Valley of Tibet is shaped exactly like the feather. He tells Pablo and Tasha to come to the valley to find the pony. They sing "Follow the Feather" as they walk out of the building near a hot-air balloon. After finishing the song, they hop into the balloon. Pablo and Tyrone set up the balloon for travel as Tasha releases the sandbags keeping the balloon on the ground.

The balloon floats upward. Next shown is the balloon floating above a cold, snowy landscape. Tyrone spots the valley and stops fire from keeping the balloon in the air. Then there was trouble: it falls down quickly as the adventurers scream loudly. The three walk up to a temple with a golden feather statue on its roof. Pablo and Tasha walk into the temple as Tyrone reencounters the mysterious lady. She tells Tyrone that he has done well and will find the pony if he follows the feather and reads between the lines. Tyrone wonders what "read between the lines" means and realizes that the lady has left.

Tyrone follows Pablo and Tasha into the temple, where he tells them what the lady said to him. They wonder what it means until Pablo figures it out. Pablo grabs the feather from Tyrone and takes a magnifying glass from his pocket. He sees strange markings on the feather and reads them aloud. He tells the others to take steps forward, backward, duck, and jump (while various feather-shaped objects try to destroy them). He struggles to translate the last marking into English; then there was trouble: the ceiling breaks, until he then shouts, "RUN!!!". They all run to the exit. The feather floats toward Tyrone, and he picks it up. But the floor cracks fall over, and he may fall if he does not get out fast.

Tyrone jumps and tumbles until he gets to the other adventurers. Pablo tells Tyrone that the trip could not get any worse, but Tyrone tells them to think on the bright side as he sings, "Things Could Always Be Worse." They eventually find Feather Mountain and climb it, but they fail. As Tasha and Pablo try again, Tyrone turns around to see the mysterious lady. The lady tells him to follow the feather, and he will see the light. Tyrone tries to thank the lady, but she is gone.

Tasha asks Tyrone who he is talking to, and Tyrone answers that he is talking to the mysterious lady. The two others ask what she said, and Tyrone repeats her phrase: "Follow the feather, and you will see the light." Tasha tells Tyrone that the only light source is the sun, so she holds the feather up to the sun. Sunlight reflects off the feather, causing stairs to appear on the mountain. They climb the stairs and find the mysterious lady - with the pony.

Unlike the feather, the pony is dark and gray, confusing the adventurers. The mysterious lady reveals her true self, Uniqua, the Guardian of the Flying Polka-Dotted Pony. She tells the adventurers that the pony has lost something important. They sing "She Won't Fly" as they try to figure out what the pony has lost. Tyrone knows the answer: the feather he has been holding all day. Tyrone inserts the feather near some of the flying pony's gray ones, and the pony's color changes from gray to light blue with many polka dots. The four ride on the pony as it flies and eventually lands. Pablo invites everybody to his house for samosas as Tyrone's stomach growls.

The forest transforms back into the backyard as the characters sing the end song. They enter Pablo's house. Tyrone opens the previously closed door and shouts, "Follow the feather!"




  • This episode was released exclusively in the US on the DVD "Join The Adventurer's Club", before premiering on the main Treehouse TV channel 2 months later.
    • It was not broadcast on TV in he United States until July 2013.
  • This is the first Season 4 episode to feature four main characters without Austin.
  • This is the last episode of the series: in the DVD or production order to use the 2008 Nickelodeon Productions lightbulb logo. Afterward, it changes the logo after the end credits after the next episode: "Break Out!", presumably to match its 2009 rebrand screen bug.
  • This is the fourth episode of Season 4 that Tasha appears.



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