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"Follow the Feather" is a song from the episode of the same name.

Characters singing


Tyrone: Follow the feather...

Tasha: Wherever it leads.

Pablo: Follow the feather...

Tyrone: You have to believe.

Tasha: Shoulder to shoulder.

Pablo: We'll do it together.

Tasha: We'll always remember...

Tyrone: To follow the feather!

Pablo: We checked the feather-shaped peninsula off the coast of Pennsylvania.

Tasha: And the feather-like lagoon just a click outside Rangoon.

Tyrone: But Tibet was a perfect fit!

Tasha: This feather has to be legit!

Tyrone: Follow the feather...

Tasha: It's leading the way.

Tyrone: Follow the feather...

Pablo: Whatever you say!

Tasha: No matter the problem...

Pablo: No matter the weather.

Tyrone: We'll always remember...

All: To follow the feather!

Tyrone: It's such a fine hot-air balloon. We'll have it back by this afternoon.

Tasha: I have faith he'll keep his word.

Pablo: He does seem very self-assured.

Tyrone: You'll hardly even know we're gone.

All: What could possibly go wrong?