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The Giant Clam is a recurring character in The Backyardigans.


According to Tyrone the Strong in "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters", the giant clam is the angriest mollusk he has ever seen. The clam possesses the most valuable pearl in all of Hawaii. Although the clam acts similarly to a dog and cannot speak, he can be very dangerous when angered. With the exception of Sea Squirt in "The Great Dolphin Race", the residents of Atlantis are too afraid of the clam to stand up to him. His behavior is somewhat similar to that of a bulldog.


The giant clam's shell is a light shade of gray. He has a white mouth and normally carries a gleaming pearl.


The giant clam has appeared in two episodes of The Backyardigans: "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" from season two and "The Great Dolphin Race" from season three. He appears in the live shows Quest for the Extra Ordinary Aliens and Sea Deep in Adventure, both as a puppet and in animated form.

The giant clam can also be seen in the books We Love a Luau! and First Look and Find: What's Different?


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