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The Gloom Meister (now known as the Bloom Meister) is an evil citizen and the villain of Garden City who hates flowers and wants the city to be dark and gloomy. His biggest enemy is Flower Girl. He must have somehow heard of the Alnwick Poison Garden.


The Gloom Meister is primarily purple. He wears a purple coat, a bowler hat, purple pants, black shoes, and black glasses. He also wears a metal glove on his right hand called the "Shadow Ray" that he uses to create big shadows.

The Gloom Meister has an evil laugh "Wua-ha-ha-ha-ha!". He explains to Uniqua that it is not his real laugh, he does that to sound scarier; his real laugh is a ridiculous combination of giggles and snorts.


Austin has played the Gloom Meister in one episode of The Backyardigans: "Flower Power" from season four.


  • He and the Bloom Meister are the only roles played by Austin that wear glasses.
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