"Gotta Dash" is a song from the episode "Escape from Fairytale Village".

Characters singing


Uniqua: Hey, guy, why so shy? You ran away when I tried to say 'hi'! I'll make lunch if you care to stop... so don't hide behind that lollipop!

Tyrone: Gee, sorry! Gotta say no! Gotta run right now... gotta run... gotta go!

Uniqua: Hey, guy, why so shy? We'll have a meal if you stop by! My kitchen's warm and comfy, too..... I've got a big kettle on just for you!

Tyrone: Gee, sorry! Hate to be rude! You can heat that kettle... for some other dude!

Uniqua: Hey, guy, why so shy? You just might like it if you give it a try! So, take a chance, and stop and stay..... 'stead of hiding out and running away!

Tyrone: She really wants to eat me, I've got to get away!

Uniqua: I really need some company to share my lunch today!

Tyrone: I don't want to get cooked... in onions, broth, and butter! Maybe she won't see me if I hide behind this shutter...

Uniqua: Hey, guy, my, oh my! You're not up for lunch, and I don't see why! What does a nice witch have to do..... to spend some time hanging out with you?

Tyrone: Gee, sorry! I've gotta dash... 'fore you make a meal o' me! I'm off in a flash! Gotta go, gotta run, gotta split, gotta scoot, gotta dash!..... Gotta dash!..... Gotta dash! (Speaking) Oh, I almost forgot! Newspaper!

Uniqua: (Speaking)Hmm... Maybe the Paperboy isn't interested in lunch, maybe he rather have dinner!

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