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Groove to the Music is an album featuring eighteen songs from the first and second seasons. It was the show's second album, following The Backyardigans.

Track list

  1. "Hold Tight"
  2. "Gotta Get the Job Done"
  3. "Shake Your Body"
  4. "Rad Moves"
  5. "We're Going to Mars"
  6. "Drumming Song"
  7. "Eureka!"
  8. "The Rules"
  9. "Tree to Tree"
  10. "What's So Scary 'Bout That?"
  11. "The Ballad of the Brave Pink Knight"
  12. "I Love Being a Princess"
  13. "Aha!"
  14. "Skate Ahead"
  15. "We'll Get You What You Want"
  16. "Ski Patrol to the Rescue"
  17. "Super Heroes vs. Super Villains"
  18. "Oh, My Sherman"


  • Only three songs on the album are from the second season.
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