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花园小尖兵 (romanized as Huāyuán xiǎo jiānbīng, English: The Small Garden Explorers) is the Standard Mandarin dub of The Backyardigans.

The dub debuted in 2013 on Ciwen's video-on-demand platform, BuddiesTV.

Official description

From BuddiesTV: 《花园小尖兵》是一部音乐剧形式的冒险类CGI三维动画片,五位活泼可爱的小伙伴-帕布罗、尤妮卡、塔莎、泰龙和奥斯丁,依靠他们生动的想象力,将后院想象成为一处梦幻般的冒险之地。每一次的冒险故事都从家里开始,进而展开现实般的幻想,最终刚好在吃点心的时间返回家中。每集都包含四首新的歌曲,孩子们在观看节目的同时会跟着花园小尖兵们一起在房间里唱唱跳跳,这可以帮助孩子们开发他们的想象力,学会创造性地表达自我。
Translation: "The Small Garden Explorers," a musical adventure in the form of a 3D-CGI series, is about five lovely playmates-Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha, Tyrone, and Austin-who rely on their vivid power of imagination to transform their backyard into a fantastical adventure. Every episode begins at their homes, where they, then, expand their yard into a world of fantasy, and eventually return home just in time to eat a snack. Each episode contains four new songs. By watching the series and following the Small Garden Explorers, it can help children develop their imagination and learn to express themselves creatively.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua (尤妮卡) TBA
Pablo (帕布罗) TBA
Tyrone (泰龙) TBA
Tasha (塔莎) TBA
Austin (奥斯丁) TBA


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The entire series has been dubbed in Standard Mandarin.

Season 1[]

# Original title Chinese title Translation
1 "Pirate Treasure" "海盗宝藏" Pirate Treasure
2 "The Heart of the Jungle" "丛林之心" The Heart of the Jungle
3 "The Yeti" "雪怪的故事" The Tale of the Abominable Snowman
4 "The Snow Fort" "雪堡保卫战" Defenders of the Snow Fort
5 "Secret Mission" "秘密任务" Secret Mission
6 "It's Great to Be a Ghost!" "做鬼的感觉真好" It Feels Great to be a Ghost
7 "Riding the Range" "牛仔之旅" Cowboy's Journey
8 "The Key to the Nile" "恢复尼罗河" Restoring the Nile
9 "Knights Are Brave and Strong" "勇敢又强壮的骑士" Knights Are Brave and Strong
10 "Viking Voyage" "维京人的航程" Viking Voyage
11 "Castaways" "荒岛余生" Desert Island Survival
12 "Race to the Tower of Power" "抢占能量塔" Take Control of the Tower of Power
13 "The Quest for the Flying Rock" "寻找飞石" In Search for the Flying Stone
14 "Polka Palace Party" "波尔卡宫派对" Polka Palace Party
15 "Surf's Up" "冲浪达人" Surfing Experts
16 "Eureka!" "找到啦" I Found It!
17 "Race Around the World" "环球竞赛" The Global Competion
18 "Monster Detectives" "怪兽警探" Monster Detectives
19 "Cave Party" "洞穴派对" Cave Party
20 "High Tea" "下午茶" Afternoon Tea

Season 2[]

# Original title Chinese title Translation
1 "Mission to Mars" "火星任务" Mission to Mars
2 "Samurai Pie" "武士派" Samurai Pie
3 "Scared of You" "我害怕你" I'm Scared of You
4 "Whodunit" "谁干的" Who Did It?
5 "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" "火山姐妹传说" The Legend of the Volcano Sisters
6 "The Secret of Snow" "雪的奥秘" The Secret of the Snow
7 "The Swamp Creature" "沼泽怪物" The Swamp Monster
8 "Horsing Around" "驴马赛跑" Horses vs. Donkey
9 "Special Delivery" "特殊的邮件" Special Delivery
10 "International Super Spy: Part 1" "国际超级间谍(上)" International Super Spy (Part 1)
11 "International Super Spy: Part 2" "国际超级间谍(下)" International Super Spy (Part 2)
12 "Movers of Arabia" "阿拉伯搬运工" Arabian Porters
13 "Cops and Robots" "警察和机器人" Police and Robots
14 "Sinbad Sails Alone" "辛巴达独自航行" Sinbad Sails Alone
15 "Best Clowns in Town" "镇上最棒的小丑" The Best Clowns in Town
16 "Save the Day" "全力救援" To the Rescue
17 "Into the Deep" "镇上最棒的小丑" Deep Sea Exploration
18 "News Flash" "大新闻" Big News
19 "Catch That Butterfly" "抓蝴蝶" Catch the Butterfly
20 "A Giant Problem" "巨人来了" Here Comes the Giant

Season 3[]

# Original title Chinese title Translation
1 "Who Goes There?" "谁在那里" Who's There
2 "Blazing Paddles" "乒乓大决斗" The Great Ping-Pong Duel
3 "Garbage Trek" "搬运垃圾" Trash Collecting
4 "Fly Girl" "飞天小女孩" The Little, Flying Girl
5 "What's Bugging You?" "家有小虫" A Worm in the House
6 "Chichen-Itza Pizza" "奇琴伊察披萨店" Chichen-Itza Pizzaria
7 "To the Center of the Earth" "地心历险记" Adventure to the Center of the Earth
8 "Front Page News" "头版新闻" Front Page News
9 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1" "骑士传说(上)" Tale of the Knights (Part 1)
10 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2" "骑士传说(下)" Tale of the Knights (Part 1)
11 "Le Master of Disguise" "变装大师" Master of Disguise
12 "Match on Mt. Olympus" "奥林匹斯山的比赛" The Match on Mount Olympus
13 "The Great Dolphin Race" "精彩的海豚比赛" The Amazing Dolphin Race
14 "Caveman's Best Friend" "穴居人的好朋友" Caveman's Best Friend
15 "Ranch Hands from Outer Space" "太空来的农场工" Ranch Hands from Space
16 "Robin Hood the Clean" "干净罗宾汉" Robin Hood the Clean
17 "Escape from Fairytale Village" "逃离童话村" Escape from Fairytale Village
18 "Pirate Camp" "海盗夏令营" Pirate Camp
19 "The Two Musketeers" "两个火枪手" The Two Musketeers
20 "The Masked Retriever" "蒙面图书侠" Masked Librarian

Season 4 (titled "花园小尖兵2016")[]

# Original title Chinese title Translation
1 "Robot Rampage: Part 1" "机器人失控 上集" The Robots are Out of Control, Part 1
2 "Robot Rampage: Part 2" "机器人失控 下集" The Robots are Out of Control, Part 2
3 "Catch that Train!" "赶上那辆火车" Catch the Train
4 "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" "巨大的小虫人" Attack of the Giant Worm
5 "Dragon Express" "飞龙快递" Dragon Express
6 "Flower Power" "鲜花魔力" The Magical Flower
7 "The Funnyman Boogeyman" "滑稽夜魔人" The Funny Boogeyman
8 "Follow the Feather" "跟随羽毛" Follow the Feather
9 "Break Out!" "逃跑" The Escape
10 "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" "圣诞精灵拯救平安夜" The Christmas Elves Save Christmas Eve
11 "Los Galacticos" "银河战舰" Galácticos
12 "For the Love of Socks!" "看在袜子的份上" For the Sake of the Socks
13 "The Flipper!" "狂人" The Madman
14 "Elephant on the Run" "大象在逃" Elephant on the Loose
15 "The Magic Skateboard" "魔力滑板" The Magical Skateboard
16 "Pablor and the Acorns" "帕布罗与橡果" Pablor and the Acorns
17 "Super Team Awesome" "大象在逃" A Super, Extraordinary Team
18 "The Big Dipper Diner" "北斗星餐馆" The Big Dipper Diner
19 "The Amazing Splashinis" "惊艳水花" The Amazing Splash
20 "The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon" "恶龙的故事" The Tale of the Dragon

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