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花園小尖兵 (English: The Small Garden Explorers) is the Taiwanese Mandarin dub of The Backyardigans. Only the dialogue is dubbed, while the original English vocals are retained.

The dub debuted in 2012 as a direct-to-DVD exclusive. 

Official description

From the DVD: 尼克幼儿台卡通頻道最受歡迎的幼兒音樂冒險節目,每一集都有不同的「音樂類型」讓孩子感到新鮮感及增加對音樂的知識,啟發孩子唱歌跳舞和盡情發揮他們的想像力!藉由故事中運用了許多圖像文字,幫助孩子快速理解故事內容,並且讓孩子培養自我閱讀的能力。
Translation: "As the Nick Jr. channel's most popular musical program for children, each episode features a different musical genre that gives children a fresh feeling and an increase of musical knowledge. The series inspires children to sing and dance, and let their imaginations soar! The use of descriptive words and imagery throughout the adventure can help the young viewers quickly understand the story and can develop the ability to read.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua (歐妮卡) N/A (dialogue)
Avion Baker (vocals)
Pablo (巴羅) N/A (dialogue)
Sean Curley (vocals)
Tyrone (泰隆) N/A (dialogue)
Tyrel Jackson Williams (vocals)
Tasha (塔莎) N/A (dialogue)
Gabriella Malek (vocals)
Austin (奧斯汀) N/A (dialogue)
Nicholas Barasch (vocals)


Main article: List of episodes

Only the fourth season has been dubbed in Taiwanese Mandarin.

Season 4[]

# Original title Chinese title Translation
1 "Robot Rampage: Part 1" "機器人暴衝 上集" The Robots are Out of Control, Part 1
2 "Robot Rampage: Part 2" "機器人暴衝 下集" The Robots are Out of Control, Part 2
3 "Catch that Train!" "趕火車" Catch the Train
4 "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" "巨蟲沃曼來襲" Attack of the Giant Worman
5 "Dragon Express" 飛龍快遞 Dragon Express
6 "Flower Power" "花兒的力量" Flower Power
7 "The Funnyman Boogeyman" "有趣的鬼怪" The Entertaining Ghost
8 "Follow the Feather" 跟著羽毛找飛行小馬 Follow the Feather to Find the Flying Pony
9 "Break Out!" "破繭而出" Breaking Out
10 "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" "小精靈顯神通" The Skilled Elves
11 "Los Galacticos" "洛杉磯銀河艦隊" Los Angeles[sic] Galácticos
12 "For the Love of Socks!" "襪子工廠" The Sock Factory
13 "The Flipper!" "腳蹼" The Flipper
14 "Elephant on the Run" "逃跑的大象" Runaway Elephant
15 "The Magic Skateboard" "神奇滑板" The Magic Skateboard
16 "Pablor and the Acorns" "巴羅和愛狂族" Pablor and the Acorns
17 "Super Team Awesome" "令人驚豔的傑出團隊" A Super, Awesome Team
18 "The Big Dipper Diner" "蒂波餐廳" Dipper Restaurant
19 "The Amazing Splashinis" "驚奇的水上樂園" The Amazing Waterpark
20 "The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon" "不友善的龍" A Mean Dragon


The episodes were never broadcast on television, as this dub is a direct-to-DVD exclusive. The aspect ratio retains the original 16:9 size.

An alternate Taiwanese Mandarin dub premiered earlier on EBC YoYo in 2007. Similar to this dub, the songs retained the original English recording.


花園小尖兵 has been released on home video in Taiwan by Well Go Taiwan, licensed by Nelvana. Videos were released in 2012.

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