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"Hut by the Sea" is a song from the episode "Castaways."

Characters singing


Pablo: Just a hut, just a hut, yes, a hut by the sea!

Tyrone: That's the building we're building laboriously!

Uniqua: Out of stones and boards and weeds, vines and palm tree leaves...

Pablo: And the things we found just lying around! We're building by hand 'cause we don't have a tool.

Tyrone: We are sweaty already, but soon we'll be cool! Lounging inside...

Uniqua: Snug as a mouse here inside our little beach house!

All: By the beautiful sea!

Uniqua: It's a one-of-a-kind, it's a find, it's unique!

Tyrone: Build it right, build it tight, so the roof doesn't leak!

Pablo: When the rain comes falling down, we won't even frown!

Uniqua: We'll just sit inside and laugh at the weather! Castaway house - it's our castaway hut!

Tyrone: Bumpy floors, shaky doors, and the windows don't shut!

Pablo: But we don't care, we like sea air.

Uniqua: Where we kick back here in our sweet shack.

All: By the beautiful sea!


  • This song is sung to the tune of "By the Beautiful Sea."
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