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"I'd Rather Be an Acorn" is a song from the episode "Pablor and the Acorns".

Characters singing


Pablo: I’d rather be an Acorn than rule the universe. From holding doors to doing chores, I’ll put the others first.

Tasha: He’d rather do his very best...

Tyrone: Than do his very worst!

Pablo: I’d rather be an Acorn than rule the universe!

Uniqua: But you could have had the crystal and all its awesome power!

Pablo: But I don’t want it anymore, I’d rather smell a flower.

Tyrone, Austin, and Tasha: He’d rather be an acorn than rule the universe.

Uniqua: But being lawful sounds so awful!

Austin: It’s really not the worst.

Pablo: I’ve learned that helping others is a blessing, not a curse.

Acorns: He’d rather be an acorn than rule the universe!

Tasha: We Acorns hike!

Austin: We sail and camp!

Tyrone: We climb and we explore!

Uniqua: But don’t you want to rule the world?

Pablo: No, not anymore.

Uniqua: It matters not, the crystal’s mine! I’ll rule the stars and sun! But climbing rocks and rowing boats does sound like lots of fun.

[Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin humming the melody in the background simultaneously]

Pablo (speaking): You know, Uniquor, you can be an Acorn, too.

Uniqua (speaking): Me, Uniquor? An Acorn? Why not?

Pablo (speaking): Hooray!

Tyrone, Austin, and Tasha (singing): They rather would be Acorns than rule the universe.

Uniqua: I guess somehow we’re good guys now.

Tyrone: I say that’s a first!

Tasha: They’d rather do their very best...

Austin: Than do their very worst!

Pablo, Uniqua, and Tasha: I’d rather be an Acorn...

All: ...than rule the universe!