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"I'll Catch a Whopper" is a song from the episode "Save the Day".

Characters singing


Tasha: I’d like to catch a really big fish that’s a real show-stopper! I’ll cast the line and make it mine! I’ll catch a whopper! There’s no need to be polite or kind and prim and proper! Just drop the bait and sit and wait. I'll catch a whopper! (whistles)

Uniqua: (speaking) Uh-oh, Rescue Three. The fisherlady is surrounded by sharks!

Pablo: (speaking) She doesn’t even see them!

Tyrone: (speaking) We better hurry.

Tasha: If the fish just wo-on’t come out, no need to call a copper! I’ll hold on tight until they bite. I’ll catch a whopper! (whistles)


  • This song is sung to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel".