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"I'm Busy" is a song from the episode "Match on Mt. Olympus".

Characters singing


Tasha: I am the goddess of weather... I decide what the weather will do! It's a serious job for a serious god, and I don't have time for you! It's up to me if it's warm or it's freezing... I control all the clouds in the sky! Whether it's rain or shine, the decision is mine and I can't take a break... and here is why: I'm busy! So busy! It would make a mortal dizzy! A goddess has responsibilities! I got thunderstorms to make... and a drought, for goodness' sake! And a hurricane to topple over trees!

Tyrone: (speaking) Sounds like you could use a break!

Pablo: (speaking) Definitely!

Tasha: (speaking) I do not take breaks! I've got weather to make... all over the world!

(singing) When there's snow falling over the Arctic... or the deserts are roasting with sun... I just can't stop for a break, 'cause I've got a weather to make! A goddess' work... is never done! I'm busy! So busy! It would a mortal dizzy! A goddess has a lot of work to do! I got typhoons and storms to make! And I need to freeze a lake! And can't take five until my work is through!

Pablo and Tyrone: She's busy! So busy! And it's got her in a tizzy!

Tasha: I've got weather systems all around the world...

Tyrone: Could we interest you at all...

Pablo: a game of basketball?

Tasha: No, I told you I'm a very busy... (speaking) basketball?