"I'm Sinbad the Sailor" is a song from the episode "Sinbad Sails Alone".

Characters singing


Tyrone: I'm Sinbad the Sailor... I sail the seas alone!
I haven't got a first mate, and I haven't got a phone!
I'm Sinbad the Sailor! My sailing skills are great!
I've sailed around the seven seas. I've wished that there were eight!
Blow, ye winds, blow! So I don't have to row!
Blow, ye winds, blow!
I'm Sinbad...the Sailor!

Extended lyrics from Singing Sensation!

Tyrone: I'm Sinbad the Sailor preparing for my trip I prefer to sail alone aboard my trusty ship!

Pablo: He's Sinbad the Sailor. I'm here to help him out...'cause he's the guy who all the songs and legends are about! Blow, ye winds, blow! He's my hero!

Tyrone: Blow, ye winds, blow...I'm Sinbad...the sailor! Through winter days, and summer days, and happy days, and bummer days, I'll never change my sailing ways. I'm Sinbad...the Sailor!

Pablo: Wild sea creatures?

Tyrone: I've tamed 'em.

Pablo: Unknown islands?

Tyrone: I've named 'em.

Pablo: Bad breath dragons?

Tyrone: I've beat 'em.

Pablo: Seaweed salads?

Tyrone: I eat 'em.

Pablo: Sly sea witches?

Tyrone: I fought 'em!

Pablo: Cheap souvenirs?

Tyrone: I bought 'em! Blow, ye winds, blow, and make my sails go! Blow, ye winds, blow. I'm Sinbad...the Sailor!


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