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"I'm a Cowboy" is a song from the episode "Le Master of Disguise".

Characters singing


Tyrone: I'm a cowboy. You can tell - I hope! - by the way I twirl my cowboy rope! I learned my skill by roping steers and busting broncos all these years! I say yee-haw...yippee-ti-yi-yay!

Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin: Yee-haw, yippee-ti-yay...

Tyrone: I say yee-haw...yippee-ti-yi-yay! It don't mean much...but it's what I say! I say yee-haw...yippee-ti-yi-yo!  

Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin: Yee-haw, yippee-ti-yo...

All: Yee haw...yippee-ti-yi-yo!

Tyrone: Stand back, partners, and watch me go!

I can spin it, I can twirl it, I can flip it, I can whirl it, I can loop-the-loop...I can crack the whip, then I curl it up neatly, and hang it off my hip!

Uniqua: He's a cowboy...not because of his hat!

Austin: Why, any city dude can look like that! 

Tyrone: But you ain't a real cowpoke, no siree, unless you can work the rope like me! I say yee-haw...yippee-ti-yi-yay!  

All: Yee-haw, yippee-ti-yay!