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"I'm a Superhero" is a song from the "Super Team Awesome!" episode.

Characters singing


Uniqua: I'm the princess Strong Blossom, the strongest in the land. I can lift a garbage truck with nothing but my hand.

Pablo: Be not fooled by her good manners...

Tyrone: Or princess-y demeanor...

Uniqua: For I can rip a tank in half and crush a vacuum cleaner!

Tasha: I tell you, she a superhero and there's nothing she can't do.

Tyrone: From bending bars to juggling cars...

Pablo: No one's as strong as you.

Tyrone: (speaking) Thank goodness, princess. Now let's move the boulder before...

Pablo: (speaking) Avast! She ain't the only one who can do the job.

(singing) Pirate Pablo, 'tis my name, I'm known from north to south. I can blow a gale-force wind straight out of me mouth.

Uniqua: He can blow a mighty squall...

Tasha: A hurricane, they say!

Pablo: Har, when you see what I can do, you'll be blown away!

Tyrone: Yes, he's a superhero. And there's nothing he can't do.

Pablo: From gentle breeze to Arctic freeze, I came, I saw, I blew.

Tyrone: (speaking) Use your wind power to move it. We just have to hurry.

Tasha: (speaking) Jungle Girl can move boulder, too.

(singing) Jungle Girl they call me, I can be like animal. I climb just like a monkey and I charge just like a bull.

Uniqua: She runs like she's a cheetah...

Tasha: And like rabbit, I can hop.

Tyrone: She swims like she's a dolphin.

Tasha: I can penguin belly flop!

Pablo: That's 'cause she's a superhero and there's nothing she can't do.

Tyrone: (speaking) Hey, guys! Uh...

Uniqua: If an animal can do it, Jungle Girl can do it, too.

Tyrone: (speaking) You guys!

Uniqua and Pablo: Yeah, she's a superhero and there's nothing she can't do.

Tyrone: (speaking) Fine. Somebody, just move it before...

Uniqua, Pablo, and Tasha: Yeah, we're all superheroes and there's nothing we can't do!

Tyrone: (speaking) People, it's going to fall!