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"I Know a Spell" is a song from the episode "A Giant Problem".

Characters singing


Tyrone and Pablo: We'll try every spell! Every spell! Every spell, and it'll be swell if the spell works well! Yeah, we'll try every spell that we know!

Tyrone: I know a spell called the Change-A-Roo.

Pablo: And what exactly does it do?

Tyrone: Changes the giant into something new!

Tyrone and Pablo: Something new! So-omething new...changes the giant into something new!

Pablo: (speaking) I say we change the giant into something warm and cuddly! Like a sheep!

Tyrone: (speaking) Sure! Repeat after me!

Tyrone: Change-A-Roo! Your shape you don't keep!

Pablo: Change-A-Roo!

Tyrone and Pablo: The giant is a...sheep!

Pablo: (speaking) She's not a sheep!

Tyrone and Pablo: (speaking) She's asleep!

Pablo: (speaking) Look out!

Tyrone: (speaking) Woah!

Pablo: (speaking) Uh!

Pablo: (singing) I know...a help us here!

Tyrone: What's it do? I'm not clear!

Pablo: It'll make the giant disappear!

Tyrone and Pablo: Disappear!'ll make the giant disappear!

Pablo: (speaking) Repeat after me! Disappear...and don't come back tonight!

Tyrone and Pablo: Disappear! The giant's out of...sight!

Pablo: (speaking) Aw, man! We disappeared!

Tyrone: (speaking) Re-appear!

Tyrone and Pablo: (speaking) Nice to see you!

Tyrone: (speaking) I know a spell!

Pablo: (speaking) Well? What is it?

Tyrone: (singing) It'll make the giant go away!

Tyrone and Pablo: Go away! Go-o'll make the giant go away!

Tyrone: (speaking) Repeat after me!

Tyrone and Pablo: Go away! We bid you adieu...go away! Off to!