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"International Super Spy: Part 2" is an episode of The Backyardigans from the second season. It is the final episode in the "International Super Spy" duology.



"Pablo is Agent Secret, a James Bond-style spy caught in a super spy adventure overflowing with exotic locations, a disguised waiter and fellow good guy (Austin), a villainous Lady in Pink (Uniqua), her hapless assistant (Tyrone), Miss T. (Tasha), and chocolate milk? Is this a recipe for disaster or deliciousness?"


The first part of the duology's story continues as Announcer says "Last time on The Backyardigans" that Agent Secret and the Lady in Pink are shown in their snowmobiles, fighting over the second secret container. Secret releases the container and drives away. Pink and Tyrone crash into a mound of snow. The container flies into the air as Secret transforms his snowmobile into a glider. He snatches the container and calls Miss T. She tells him to go to a beach cabana in the Caribbean.

Pink and Secret go to the beach cabana. Secret converses with a bartender, who turns out to be his partner and secret contact, Austin. He gives Secret a snow cone, which ends up being a hologram of Miss T. She tells him to visit Tiki Island to retrieve the final container.

Secret heads underwater with a seagull disguise on his head as he makes his way to the island. Pink and Tyrone follow him, wearing shark fins on their heads. Secret reaches the island first and finds a secret passageway. He walks through a hallway and comes to a dance mat and a screen instructing him to dance if he wants to retrieve the container.

Secret dances until a mode that requires two persons activates. Pink and Tyrone show up, and Pink orders Tyrone to assist Secret. Secret and Tyrone dance until another mode that requires three persons activates.

Pink, Secret, and Tyrone dance. After they finish and face the third container, Secret mimics the dance instructor's voice and tells the others to close their eyes and count to ten. They reach seven, but Lady in Pink yells "SECRET!" instead of eight when she sees Secret getting away with the third and last container. Tyrone is confused and asks, "Don't you mean eight?". He and Pink ride away to catch up to Agent Secret.

They begin a fight, trying to take the container from each other while singing the third and final part of "Good and Bad Don't Mix." Secret takes off into his spy car with it. He turns his vehicle into a jet and leaves. Tyrone asks Pink if he should shake his fist, but Pink replies, "Not this time" This confuses Tyrone, and he tells Pink that Secret's got all 3 containers now. Pink agrees, but she's still not giving up. She evilly says she has a plan. Now that Secret has all three containers, he starts flying to the spy headquarters. When he gets there, he finds out Miss T. isn't there. Pink appears on the room's screen. She asks Secret to come to her secret hideout and give her the containers. He asks what makes her think he would do that. Pink makes a joke, saying, "A little big hippopotamus told for me." Pink steps away, revealing Miss T was trapped and is helplessly screaming. She tells him that if he doesn't come to her secret hideout with the containers, she'll be tickled, then starts laughing, but then angrily orders Tyrone to do it too. Secret calls Austin, telling him to "deliver a pizza" to Pink's hideout.

Pink tells Tyrone that when Secret gets to her hideout, the 3 containers will be hers. Tyrone asks her if she'll do the recipe for disaster, and she says, "Mm-hmm." When Secret arrives, Pink says, "Now, please give me the containers," but Secret demands to know where Miss T. is. Tyrone uses the control to show Miss T. trapped in the tickle-table. Miss T. tells Secret not to give the Lady in Pink the containers, but Pink tells Tyrone to activate the tickle-table, causing Miss T. to change her mind. Pink tells him that her henchman, Tyrone, will slide him the remote of her tickle-table if he slides over the containers. He slides them over, and Tyrone slides the remote, but Pink catches it. Furious, Secret didn't get the remote control, but Pink tells him to relax and shuts down the tickle-table before it can tickle Miss T. Secret then orders Pink to let her go, but Pink tells him she'll do it after looking at the containers. She captures Secret and forces him to sit on a tickle-table next to Miss T. Secret realizes that Pink tricked him. The Lady in Pink and Tyrone sing "A Recipe for Disaster" as she opens the containers. The first one contains a glass, and the second one has milk. As she prepares to open the third one, the doorbell rings. Austin appears, wearing a pizza deliveryman disguise. Tyrone walks over, hoping to get a slice of pizza. Pink realizes it is Austin, blowing his cover. She captures him as well. Tyrone is upset about not getting any pizza.

Furious, Pink announces that she will use her tickle-table to tickle Secret, but it doesn't work on him because he's not ticklish. Pink tries to increase the tickle-table's speed, but it malfunctions. Tyrone tries to stop Pink from blowing the power by yelling out, "Lady in Pink, no!" but he's too late, and the light's circuits break, causing a blackout. All three spies are gone when Pink turns on the emergency light switch, and all three of them got out of the tickle-tables when it was dark. Then Secret has the third container. After the tickle-table slaps it, the container bounces off Tyrone's head and onto Miss T. She then throws it to Agent Secret, but Pink turns off the tickle-table, and the container bounces off the machine and onto Pink. She and Tyrone then run to the Big Ben Balcony, leaving Secret, Miss T, and Austin to go after them.

They all run outside to the balcony. Pink opens the final container, which contains chocolate syrup. The spies realize that Pink is going to make chocolate milk. Pink evil laughs, saying the spies can't stop her. But Austin and Miss T. tell her that chocolate milk's delicious, not a disaster, and Tyrone agrees. But Pink says it's a disaster because she's gonna make her own delicious glass of chocolate milk. Then there was trouble: Big Ben suddenly rings out, and Pink drops the bottle, which lands on the minute hand of the giant clock. Making her way back inside, she opens a secret panel on the clock face and slowly makes her way out to the edge of the minute hand, trying to reach the syrup. Secret and Tyrone try to warn Pink to be careful, but she ignores them. As the hand moves, the syrup falls. Desperate to have her chocolate milk, she jumps off the hand, trying to catch the syrup. As Pink tumbles through the air, Secret asks Austin for his ordered pizza. The pizza is actually a jetpack. Secret flies to Pink and catches her. "You saved me!" says Pink, acknowledging Secret's heroism. As they float to the ground, Pink tells Secret she has always wanted to be a super spy.

The friends gather around a table inside the Lady in Pink's lair. They pour milk into the glass from earlier. They realize they cannot make chocolate milk without a spoon to stir it with. Secret announces another way to make chocolate milk: shaking it. The five characters enjoy their chocolate milk as Agent Secret raises a toast to the newest members of International Super Spy Headquarters: Agent Pink and Agent Tyrone. Together, the group sings a reprise of "International Super Spy." Pink admits that she is glad to be a "good guy."

After the song, Secret's stomach growls. The five head to his house for more chocolate milk and cookies. The Big Ben turns back into the backyard, and Secret and Pink transforms back to Uniqua and Pablo. They sing the end song and enter his house. Pablo, or Secret, opens the previously closed door and says, "Shaken!" while holding a glass of milk, and the mission has finally success.




  • This was the last episode to be air on Nickelodeon on April 29, 2013. Re-runs would continue on Nick Jr. until August 31, 2018.
  • This is the second part of the first duology episode.
  • This is the second time Pablo wears his swimsuit, the first being Surf's Up.
  • When Uniqua says, "Oh, for viliain's sake!", it is an allusion to Tasha's expression, "Oh, for goodness' sake!".
  • This is the 30th and 31st episode to be available on YouTube.



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