"International Super Spy" is a song from the episodes "International Super Spy: Part 1" and "International Super Spy: Part 2".

Characters singing


Part 1

Pablo: They call me Secret...Agent Secret...and I like my beverages shaken. Think my job is easy? Well, then you mistaken. I'll go anywhere around the globe and sneak in undetected! There's one thing you can expect from me, and that's the unexpected...'cause I'm an international...super spy. Super spy! Super spy. Evil's met its match. I'll tell you why. I'm an international...super spy!!

Pablo: (speaking) When you're a super spy, you have to be extra careful, because you never know...what evildoers...might be...lurking around.

Uniqua: (laughing)

Pablo: (speaking) It looks like the coast is clear. I'm pretty sure, because...

Pablo: (singing) I'm an international...super spy. Super spy! Super spy. When there's trouble up ahead, I'm your guy. I'm an international...super spy!

Part 2

Pablo: Now the world is safe...from danger...and everything's okay. The world's worst evildoer...may have learned...something today-ay...

Uniqua: I'm glad that I'm a good guy now. It feels...really nice!

Tyrone and Uniqua: We see that it's better to be good, now that we're super spies!

All: International...super spy. Super spy! Super spy. The good guys won, and you know why...we're international...super spies!


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