"It's Drizzling, It's Pouring" is a song from the episode "The Heart of the Jungle".

Characters singing


Tyrone: It's drizzling and raining and dripping and raining, we're trying to search and explore!

Pablo: But we can't 'cause it's raining and pouring and raining and teasing and raining some more!

Uniqua: Don't worry, you fellas! I brought my umbrella, and this is specifically why: it's big, it's terrific, and it's scientifically proven to keep us all dry! Please stop your complaining, this light, little raining will end in a minute, I guess!

Pablo: You call this a little? It's up to my middle!

Tyrone: Well, what do you call it?

Austin: A mess!

Tyrone: The water's increasing with no sign of ceasing, I'd rather be warm in my camp.

Pablo: Then here when it's raining and dripping and raining and soggy and raining and damp.

Pablo and Tyrone: Who knows where we'll float with a leaf for a boat in the rainy and watery damp?


  • This song is sung to the tune of "I'm Called Little Buttercup" from the Gilbert and Sullivan play "HMS Pinafore".
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