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This is the transcript of It's Great to Be a Ghost!

(Tyrone is now in a mysterious bedroom. He starts to walk and looks around the room. He turns and walks backwards. He bumps into a sheet-covered mirror and then the sheet lands on top of Tyrone. Tyrone gets up with a sheet on him, making him look like a ghost. Tyrone turns to the mirror.)

TYRONE: (screaming) A ghost! HELP! HELP ME! (He starts running around.) A ghost got me! HELP! It’s a GHOST! (He stops and looks at the mirror again.) Huh?

(Tyrone backs up and lifts one arm up. The ghost in the mirror does the same.)

TYRONE: Hey, wait a minute. (He flies up and down and see that the ghost does it too. He takes off the sheet and looks at the viewers.) It’s me! (He puts back on the sheet.) I’M the spooky ghost! (He looks in the mirror and flies up again. He starts flying around.) Woooooo….. (laughs) BOO! (laughs louder.)

TASHA: (muffled) Tyrone! Come out, come out wherever you are!

TYRONE: (takes off the sheet again and whispers) I’m gonna scare them.

(Tasha, Pablo and Uniqua make it upstairs.)

TASHA: Scary or not, here I come!