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"Knights Are Brave and Strong" is a medieval-themed episode of The Backyardigans from the first season. It was marked as the official first episode of the entire series to be broadcast in the United States.



"Uniqua the Pink is sent by Queen Tasha to take a message to the Castle of King Austin, who shall make her a knight if she succeeds. Along the way, she meets the Moose of the Mist and The Guardian of the Gate, who join her quest hoping to become knights."


Once upon a time, there is Tasha is first seen in the backyard with a rolled-up piece of paper in her hand. After shouting the royal fanfare, Tasha explains to the viewer how she is a great queen and how queens are always right before she sings the song "Queens are Never Wrong." Queen Tasha then journeys into her castle, which the backyard transforms into Queen Castle. She then walks up to her throne and calls for Uniqua.

Uniqua comes in, bows, and politely asks why she was called. Tasha tells her that she has to deliver a very important message to King Austin and that she will become a knight if she succeeds. Uniqua tells her that it will be easy for her and tries to walk out the door to begin the task. Tasha warns her that she will have to get through the forest of mist, past the guardian of the gate, and through the stinky swamp to complete the job, and to do that, she has to be brave, smart, and strong. Uniqua agrees to take responsibility.

Uniqua starts off through the misty forest. She sings the song "A Message, A Message." Uniqua starts to think that she will run into the legendary Moose of the Mist after hearing a moan. She walks slower and hears it again. A mysterious figure is spotted moaning. Uniqua knows who the shape is - the moose! The Moose of the Mist starts to run. Uniqua runs as well. After a lot of commotion, the two collide with each other.

Tyrone looks at Uniqua and starts to feel better after knowing that she does not look scary, so Uniqua becomes glad to finally know what the moose looks like. Tyrone tells Uniqua that he is scared of her and tries to run away. Tyrone also asks Uniqua why she is in the forest. Uniqua answers, telling Tyrone that she is on a quest to deliver a message to the king and will become a knight if she does so. She also tells Tyrone that he could join her and become a knight. Tyrone accepts as he and Uniqua sing a duet of the song "A Message, A Message" as they venture through the forest.

Along the way, Tyrone asks how they will get to the king's castle. Uniqua tells him they will get past the guardian of the gate and go through a stinky swamp to get there, but Tyrone is frightened, so Uniqua asks why. Tyrone shows her what is up ahead... a large gate guarded by a blue penguin, Pablo. The two tip-toe forward. Pablo, the Guardian of the Gate, sees Tyrone and Uniqua and asks them why they are here. Uniqua tells Pablo that Queen Tasha ordered her to deliver a message to King Austin, and Pablo accepts the answer. Uniqua asks him to open the gate, and Pablo pushes with all his might but cannot open the wooden gate. All three of the friends push, but it doesn't work. They all think about why it isn't opening. Uniqua has an idea - they haven't tried pulling!

Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo pull on the gate's handles, so the gate itself opens wide. Afterward, Uniqua tells Pablo that he can join Tyrone and her and become a knight if they all complete the task. Pablo agrees, so they start walking and singing another version of "A Message, A Message." After a long while, they come across the Swamp of Stinkiness, bursting with bubbles and slime.

They all sing "P.U.! (Stinky Swamp Song)" as they cross the few platforms of rock floating above the swamp. Then there was trouble: a giant boulder is in the way of getting to the end. Uniqua pushes with all her might at the boulder, and it rolls off, making a path for Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone to cross, but it starts sinking. Tyrone and Uniqua jump across, but Pablo panics until Uniqua calms him down and tells him to jump. Pablo jumps at the last second and makes it across.

In the distance, Uniqua sees King Austin's castle. They all start to run to get to it faster. They ring the castle doorbell. King Austin answers and asks them to open the door. Tyrone tried to pull it open, but it won't budge. Luckily, Pablo remembers to be smart by pushing instead of pulling, and the doors open. They go inside and meet the king in the throne room. He asks why they are here. Uniqua answers by telling him that the queen sent her to deliver a message and that he would make all three questers knights if they did so. King Austin, Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua sing "The Ballad of the Brave Pink Knight (Hey, Uniqua!)." Afterward, King Austin lets the adventurers become knights and hands them each a knight's helmet.

King Austin reads the message. It tells King Austin that he and the other can come for a snack of pretzels and juice, so the castle transforms back into the backyard. The five characters, including Tasha, sing the end song and head to Uniqua's house. Uniqua opens the previously closed door and yells the royal fanfare: "Dah-dah-dah-daaaaahh!" before reclosing the door and living happily ever after.


Places in this episode

Note: The place in bold is the destination.

  1. Misty Forest (Moose of the Mist)
  2. Gate (Guardian of the Gate)
  3. Swamp of Stinkiness
  4. King Austin's Castle



  • This was the first episode of the entire show:
    • To be broadcast in the United States (This was presumably done due to all five characters being present, unlike in the actual first episode, Pirate Treasure (Without Tasha)).
      • It aired at 11:00 AM, alongside The Yeti, as a series premiere episode on October 11, 2004, then made its broadcast premiere on the main Treehouse TV channel in Canada 5 weeks later.
  • This episode was adapted to a Live Stage Show named "Los Caballeros son Fuertes y Valientes" which was produced by Exim Licensing Group, in collaboration with Nickelodeon, and Nelvana. This toured across Latin America and Brazil from 2008 to 2014.
  • This is the ninth episode to be available on YouTube.
  • This is the official first episode in US airing order:
    • To feature Tasha and Austin.
    • Where Tasha, Tyrone, Pablo and Austin visited Uniqua's House for a snack.
      • Even though this is the first episode aired in the US because all five characters are present, The Key to the Nile is the first in the Canadian airing capacity to have all of them.
  • Even though Pirate Treasure is the first episode in production order where Pablo gets into a panic attack, this is the first episode in US airing order where Pablo gets into one.
  • This is first episode of the series in airing order where nobody's stomachs are heard growling in the end of the episode.


  • Towards the end of the episode, when King Austin's castle starts turning into the backyard and the characters are heading towards Uniqua's house to meet up with Tasha and sing the end song, Austin's house has a purple roof instead of gray like the other characters' houses. This error is not present when the houses are seen when the episode title card appears and gets read by the characters.
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