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The Lady in Pink is a secret agent played by Uniqua, currently known as Agent Pink. She lives in Big Ben, a large grandfather clock. She was previously regarded as the world's evilest genius. She had a henchman to assist her in her plans. After Agent Secret saved her life, she and her henchman joined the International Super Spy Headquarters. Along with Volcano Sister Uniqua, this is one of Uniqua's most deadliest and most serious and evil villain roles she ever played before redeeming.


The Lady in Pink normally wears a pink coat, a hat with lighter colored spots, white gloves, white glasses, and white boots. She also has many other outfits, such as one consisting of a magenta toga-style sarong wrap with a pink floral pattern and a magenta sunhat with pink spots. For missions in the snow, she wears a pink puffer jacket, magenta overalls with light pink spots, a pink knit cap with a white pom-pom, and a white scarf. She also has a sleeveless, black wetsuit with purple stripes on the sides for underwater missions, which is the same outfit as Surfer Uniqua.


Uniqua has played the Lady in Pink in two episodes of The Backyardigans: "International Super Spy: Part 1" and "International Super Spy: Part 2" from season two.

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