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"Le Master of Disguise" is a song from the episode of the same name.

Characters singing


Part 1[]

I'm looking for a fellow, and this fellow I pursue... is a rascal with a hundred different faces!
His clothing always changes, his look is always new... that's why this is the trickiest of cases.
You might not even see him when he's right before your eyes...
that's why they call him Le Master of Disguise!
Le Master of Disguise, Le Master of Disguise! He's crafty and he's clever, as his name implies!

And as my name implies, I'm hard to recognize! That's why... they call me... Le Master... of Disguise.
I might look like a pirate, or like an old cowhand. I might look like the king of a faraway land!
I might dress up in uniform, I might dress up in feathers.
I have more costumes than the alphabet has letters!

Le Master of Disguise, Le Master of Disguise! Successfully eluding French detective guys,
but I'm the one to catch him, for I am extra-wise!
Oui, I'm the one to catch... Le Master... of Disguise!

Part 2[]

Pablo: This masterful inspector... has chased me far and wide. I'll bet he thinks his work is nearly done! He think he's finally got me... but he should think again, because I'm crafty when I'm on the run!

Austin: I have chased hundreds of criminal types of guys... but the one I've never caught is Le Master of Disguise!

Both: Le Master of Disguise! Le Master of Disguise!

Austin: To apprehend this miscreant would be my greatest prize! He's got nowhere to hide...

Both: But soon, he'll realize...

Pablo: He'll never capture me...

Both: Le Master... of Disguise!