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Les Mélodilous (English: The Playful Melody Kids) is the French dub of The Backyardigans. It is used for both French and Québecois broadcasts.

The dub premiered in 2005 on France 5 and Piwi with the episode "Le trésor des pirates".

Official description

From France 5 and Piwi: Le pingouin Pablo, le kangourou Austin, l’orignal Théo, la petite hippopotame Tasha et Victoria, unique et de race inconnue, sont cinq amis qui se réunissent tous les jours dans une jardin.
Ensemble, ils imaginent une foule d’aventures extraordinaires qu’ils décrivent en chantant. Et pas n’importe quoi! De belles chansons de circonstance, sur des rythmes enlevants tels que la bossa nova, le reggae, le rockabilly, la salsa, le disco ou même des rythmes issus du hip-hop!
Entraînés par l’enthousiasme communicatif de ces cinq virtuoses de l’amusement, nos aspirants Mélodilous chanteront et danseront avec eux, et se laisseront, eux aussi, porter par leur imagination.
Translation: Pablo the penguin, Austin the kangaroo, Théo the moose, Tasha the little hippo, and the unique Victoria of an unknown race are five friends who meet every day in their yard.
Together, they imagine a variety of extraordinary adventures that they describe by singing beautiful songs on any occasion to the thrilling rhythms of bossa nova, reggae, rockabilly, salsa, disco, or even the rhythms of hip-hop.
Energized by the enthusiasm of these five virtuosi of fun, our aspiring playful melody kids are singing and dancing with children, and, also, carried by their imaginations.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua (Victoria) Marie-Line Landerwyn
Pablo Valérie Lecot
Tyrone (Théo) Véronique Fyon
Tasha Maia Baran
Austin Nathalie Stas
Dragon Philippe Résimont


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The entire series has been dubbed in French.

Season 1[]

# Original title French title Translation
1 "Pirate Treasure" "Le trésor des pirates" Pirate's Treasure
2 "The Heart of the Jungle" "Au coeur de la jungle" To the Jungle's Heart
3 "The Yeti" "Le yéti" The Yeti
4 "The Snow Fort" "Le fort des neiges" The Snow Fort
5 "Secret Mission" "Mission secrète" Secret Mission
6 "It's Great to Be a Ghost!" "C'est chouette d'être un fantôme" It's Great to be a Ghost
7 "Riding the Range" "Le Far West" The Wild West
8 "The Key to the Nile" "Sur les bords du Nil" On the Banks of the Nile
9 "Knights Are Brave and Strong" "Les chevaliers sont forts et courageux" Knights Are Strong and Brave
10 "Viking Voyage" "Le voyage des Vikings" Vikings' Journey
11 "Castaways" "Les naufragés" Castaways
12 "Race to the Tower of Power" "La Tour du Pouvoir" The Tower of Power
13 "The Quest for the Flying Rock" "À la recherche du rocher volant" In Search of the Flying Rock
14 "Polka Palace Party" "Le Palais de la polka" The Polka Palace
15 "Surf's Up" "Vive le surf" Hooray for Surfing
16 "Eureka!" "Eurêka!" Eureka!
17 "Race Around the World" "La course autour du monde" The Race Around the World
18 "Monster Detectives" "Théo le détective" Detective Théo
19 "Cave Party" "Les hommes des cavernes" The Cavemen
20 "High Tea" "Le goûter"[1]" Tea Time

Season 2[]

# Original title French title Translation
1 "Mission to Mars" "L'expédition sur Mars" The Expedition on Mars
2 "Samurai Pie" "Un dessert pour L'impératrice du Japon" A Dessert for the Empress of Japan
3 "Scared of You" "Le goûter des monstres" The Snacktime for the Monsters
4 "Whodunit" "Une mystérieuse affaire" A Mysterious Case
5 "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" "La légende des sœurs Volcan" The Legend of the Volcano Sisters
6 "The Secret of Snow" "Le secret de la neige" The Secret of the Snow
7 "The Swamp Creature" "Le monstre des marais" The Swamp Monster
8 "Horsing Around" "Au galop !" At the Horse Race!
9 "Special Delivery" "Un courrier spécial" A Special Letter
10 "International Super Spy: Part 1" "Professionnel de l'espionnage, partie 1" A Spying Professional, Part 1
11 "International Super Spy: Part 2" "Professionnel de l'espionnage, partie 2 A Spying Professional, Part 2
12 "Movers of Arabia" "Les déménageurs de l'Orient" The Movers of the Middle East
13 "Cops and Robots" "Les policiers et les robots" The Police and the Robots
14 "Sinbad Sails Alone" "Sinbad le marin" Sinbad the Sailor
15 "Best Clowns in Town" "Les meilleurs clowns du coin" The Best Clowns Around
16 "Save the Day" "La brigade des mers" The Sea Squad
17 "Into the Deep" "Dans les fonds de l'océan" In the Depths of the Sea
18 "News Flash" "Un scoop" A News Exclusive
19 "Catch That Butterfly" "À nous deux papillon !" It's Just You and Me, Butterfly!
20 "A Giant Problem" "Un problème de taille" A Problem of Size

Season 3[]

# Original title French title Translation
1 "Who Goes There?" "Qui, va là?" Who Goes There?
2 "Blazing Paddles" "La guerre des raquttes" The Paddle War
3 "Garbage Trek" "Les éboueurs de l'espace" The Trash Collectors of Space
4 "Fly Girl" "Le télégramme chantant" The Singing Telegram
5 "What's Bugging You?" "Qu'est-ce qui vous embête?" What's Bugging You?
6 "Chichen-Itza Pizza" "Chiche-Itza pizza!" Chichen-Itza Pizza
7 "To the Center of the Earth" "Voyage au centre de la terre" A Voyage to the Center of the Earth
8 "Front Page News" "La une des journaux" On the Newspaper's Front Page
9 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1" "Le conte des vaillants chevaliers!, partie 1" Tale of the Valiant Knights!, Part 1
10 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2" "Le conte des vaillants chevaliers!, partie 2" Tale of the Valiant Knights!, Part 2
11 "Le Master of Disguise" "Le roi du déguisement" The King of Disguise
12 "Match on Mt. Olympus" "Match au sommet de l'Olympe" Match on the Summit of Olympus
13 "The Great Dolphin Race" "La grande course des dauphins" The Great Dolphin Race
14 "Caveman's Best Friend" "Le meilleur ami de l'homme des cavernes" Caveman's Best Friend
15 "Ranch Hands from Outer Space" "Drôle de journée au ranch" Strange Day at the Ranch
16 "Robin Hood the Clean" "Robin propre des bois" Robin Clean of the Woods
17 "Escape from Fairytale Village" "Le village des contes de fée" Fairytale Village
18 "Pirate Camp" "Le camp pirate" Pirate Camp
19 "The Two Musketeers" "Les deux mousquetaires" The Two Musketeers
20 "The Masked Retriever" "Biblio-Zorro" Biblio-Zorro

Season 4[]

# Original title French title Translation
1 "Robot Rampage: Part 1" "Les robots se déchaînent, partie 1" The Robots Are Unleashed, Part 1
2 "Robot Rampage: Part 2" "Les robots se déchaînent, partie 2" The Robots Are Unleashed, Part 2
3 "Catch that Train!" "Un train sans conducteur" A Train without a Conductor
4 "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" "L'attaque du ver géant" Attack of the Giant Worm
5 "Dragon Express" "Le Dragon Express" Dragon Express
6 "Flower Power" "Le pouvoir des fleurs" Flower Power
7 "The Funnyman Boogeyman" "Le méchant loup rigolo[2]" The Funny, Bad Wolf
8 "Follow the Feather" "Suivez la plume" Follow the Feather
9 "Break Out!" "L'évasion" The Escape
10 "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" "Les super elfes du Père Noël" Father Christmas'[3] Super Elves
11 "Los Galacticos" "Los Galacticos" Los Galácticos
12 "For the Love of Socks!" "Pour l'amour des chaussettes!" For the Love of Socks!
13 "The Flipper!" "L'enragé!" The Enraged!
14 "Elephant on the Run" "Un élephant en cavale" An Elephant on the Run
15 "The Magic Skateboard" "Le skateboard magique" The Magic Skateboard
16 "Pablor and the Acorns" "Pablor et les écureuils" Pablor and the Squirrels
17 "Super Team Awesome" "Une super équipe A Super Team
18 "The Big Dipper Diner" "Le café de la grande ourse The Café of the Ursa Major
19 "The Amazing Splashinis" "Les merveilleux splashinis" The Marvelous Splashinis
20 "The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon" "Le conte de dragon vilain pas beau" The Tale of the Mean-Not-Nice Dragon


Episodes had been broadcast in France on ZousZous from 2005 to 2012. Nickelodeon Junior France (the French version of Nick Jr.) aired the series from 2011 until 2015. The series was also broadcast Télé-Québec in Canada, from 2007 to 2017.

France 5's ZousZous only aired the first three seasons, in SECAM. Episodes on ZousZous were cropped and presented in widescreen format. The series was removed from the channel lineup in 2012, a year after the series premiered on Nickelodeon Junior.

Nickelodeon Junior France aired all four seasons. The episodes were aired in widescreen format. Episodes from the first three seasons were presented with a pillarbox effect. The series was cut from the channel's lineup in 2015.

The French episodes aired in Canada on Télé-Québec from 2007. With few hiatus breaks, reruns continue to broadcast regularly, until December 19, 2017.


Les Mélodilous has been released on home video by Paramount Home Entertainment in Canada, the UK, Sweden, and Germany. Videos were first released in 2005, in Canada, and in 2006, in Europe.

In Canada, video releases include their menus and content identical to their American counterparts, with an added menu for the audio selection.

The European Region 2 DVDs include an option to customize the menus into French, as well as to set the text to other included languages.

The first season has been available on Netflix in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland since 2015.



  • Mélodilou is a portmanteau consisting of melodie (melody) and the colloquial term filou (playful kid).
  • After Attack of the 50 Foot Worman, a change of vocal direction was put into effect; as a result:
    • A new recording of the theme song from Dragon Express onward was produced.
    • Maia Baran and Nathalie Stas's vocal characteristic for their respective characters has been modified, with Tasha's being more mature-like and less falsetto, and Austin's having a heftier and gruffer distinction.
      • However, prior to Dragon Express, Nathalie Stas sampled Austin's current characteristic in Caveman's Best Friend and Robin Hood the Clean.
  • The title card for The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon reads "Le vilain pas beau"; this titling error has been carried over to various listings for the episode elsewhere.
  • For some reason, the episode "Movers of Arabia" has extra voices within the theme song. The reasoning for this is unknown. maybe due to editing errors?


  1. The term "gouter" refers to a time when a snack is eaten. In this context, it also refers to a time equivalent to a British "tea-time".
  2. Austin pretends to be the Big Bad Wolf, rather than the Boogeyman.
  3. The terms "Santa Claus" and "Father Christmas" are used in various countries to refer to the same identity.
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