The Backyardigans Wiki
These are the opening variations from the The Backyardigans Theme Song.

Season 1

Captains Austin, Tasha, Pablo, and Uniqua do pirate poses and Captain Tyrone pops up and looks through his telescope. ("Pirate Treasure")

Cowgirl Tasha, Cowboy Austin, and Cowboy Tyrone are skipping while twirling lassos. ("Riding the Range" (with Tasha) and "Polka Palace Party" (with Austin))

Tarzan the Animal Guy, Tarzan the Very Strong, and Tarzan Who Doesn't Say Too Much are dancing while Professor Uniqua swings on a vine. ("The Heart of the Jungle")

Season 2

Policewoman Uniqua Underhood, Butler Tyrone, Lady Tasha, and Mr. Austin Frothingslosh are looking around with magnifying glasses while Detective Pablo pops up and looks through his. ("Whodunit")

Commander Uniqua, Science Officer Pablo, and Lieutenant Austin are floating around in outer space. ("Mission to Mars")

Pie Master Tyrone stands, then Ninja Uniqua and Ninja Pablo jump in and do a pose. ("Samurai Pie")

Season 3

Mayan King Tyrone marches to the screen then Pizza Delivery Girls Uniqua and Tasha present him a pizza. ("Chichen-Itza Pizza")

Bar Room Dancer Tasha, Ping Pong Bandit, Sheriff Uniqua, Austin the Kid, and Barkeeper Tyrone are bouncing ping pong balls, then hit them into the screen. ("Blazing Paddles")

Captain Tasha, Lieutenant Uniqua, and Ensign Austin try to catch Moose-ian Pablo and Tyrone on the left but they disappear and reappear on the right. ("Garbage Trek")

Season 4

Princesses Tasha and Uniqua break a wall and do a pose. ("Break Out!")

Adventurer Tyrone is waving at the camera while holding on to a rope connected to the hot air balloon. ("Follow the Feather")

Dragon Jocks Pablo and Austin are riding Windy and Maverick. ("Dragon Express")