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For the Castilian Spanish dub, see Tus amiguitos del jardín.

Los Backyardigans (also known as, simply, Backyardigans) is the Latin American Spanish dub of the Backyardigans television series. It has been broadcast daily on Discovery Kids in Latin America since its premiere on the channel in August, 2005. It was also aired weekly on Univision in the United States from 2008 until 2015.

This dub, along with its Portuguese counterpart, Os Backyardigans, is substantially more popular than the series' other dubs.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua Annie Rojas
Pablo Elsa Covián
Tyrone Abraham Vega (S1-2)
Alejandro Orozco (S3)
Omar Hernandez (S4)
Tasha Claudia Bramnfsette
Austin Manuel Díaz (dialogue; S1-2)
Héctor Cuevas Ireta (dialogue; S3)
Alan García (dialogue; S4)
Iván Filio (vocals; S01E01-S01E02)
Maggie Vera (vocals; S01E08-S4)


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The entire series has been dubbed in Spanish.

Season 1[]

# Original title Spanish title Translation
1 "Pirate Treasure" "El Tesoro del Pirata" The Pirate Treasure
2 "The Heart of the Jungle" "El Corazón de la Selva" The Heart of the Jungle
3 "The Yeti" "El Yeti" The Yeti
4 "The Snow Fort" "El Fuerte de Nieve" The Snow Fort
5 "Secret Mission" "Misión Secreta" Secret Mission
6 "It's Great to Be a Ghost!" "¡Me Encanta ser un Fantasma!" I Love to Be a Ghost!
7 "Riding the Range" "Cabalgando en la Pradera" Riding in the Meadow
8 "The Key to the Nile" "El Secreto del Nilo" The Secret of the Nile
9 "Knights Are Brave and Strong" "Los Caballeros son Fuertes y Valientes" Knights Are Strong and Brave
10 "Viking Voyage" "Viaje Vikingo" Viking Voyage
11 "Castaways" "Náufragos" Castaways
12 "Race to the Tower of Power" "La Carrera a la Torre del Poder" The Race to the Tower of Power
13 "The Quest for the Flying Rock" "En Busca de la Roca Voladora" In Search of the Flying Rock
14 "Polka Palace Party" "La Fiesta del Palacio de la Polka" The Polka Palace Party
15 "Surf's Up" "El Surf es la Moda" Surfing is Stylish
16 "Eureka!" "¡Eureka!" Eureka!
17 "Race Around the World" "La Carrera Alrededor del Mundo" The Race Around the World
18 "Monster Detectives" "Detectives de Monstruos" Monster Detectives
19 "Cave Party" "La Fiesta de la Cueva" The Party in the Cave
20 "High Tea" "La Fiesta de Té" The Tea Party

Season 2[]

# Original title Spanish title Translation
1 "Mission to Mars" "Misión a Marte" Mission to Mars
2 "Samurai Pie" "Pie Samurai" Samurai Pie
3 "Scared of You" "Me das Miedo" You Scare Me
4 "Whodunit" "¿Quién lo Hizo?" Who Did It?
5 "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" "La Leyenda de las Hermanas Volcán" The Legend of the Volcano Sisters
6 "The Secret of Snow" "El Secreto de la Nieve" The Secret of Snow
7 "The Swamp Creature" "La Criatura del Pantano" The Swamp Creature
8 "Horsing Around" "Un Paseo a Caballo" A Ride on Horseback
9 "Special Delivery" "Entrega Especial" Special Delivery
10 "International Super Spy: Part 1" "Súper Espía Internacional: Parte 1" International Super Spy: Part 1
11 "International Super Spy: Part 2" "Súper Espía Internacional: Parte 2" International Super Spy: Part 2
12 "Movers of Arabia" "Mudanza en Arabia" Moving in Arabia
13 "Cops and Robots" "Policías y Robots" Cops and Robots
14 "Sinbad Sails Alone" "Sinbad Navega Solo" Sinbad Sails Alone
15 "Best Clowns in Town" "Los Mejores Payasos de la Ciudad" The City's Best Clowns
16 "Save the Day" "Salva el Día" Save the Day
17 "Into the Deep" "En las Profundidades" In the Depths
18 "News Flash" "Flash Informativo" Informative Flash
19 "Catch That Butterfly" "Atrapa esa Mariposa" Catch that Butterfly
20 "A Giant Problem" "Un Problema Gigante" A Giant Problem

Season 3[]

# Original title Spanish title Translation
1 "Who Goes There?" "¿Quién anda Ahí?" Who's There?
2 "Blazing Paddles" "Raquetas Calientes" Hot Rackets
3 "Garbage Trek" "Basura Espacial" Space Garbage
4 "Fly Girl" "La Aviadora" The Aviator
5 "What's Bugging You?" "¿Qué Mosca te Pica?" What Fly's Biting You?
6 "Chichen-Itza Pizza" "Chichén-Itzá Pizza" Chichen-Itza Pizza
7 "To the Center of the Earth" "Viaje al Centro de la Tierra" Trip to the Center of the Earth
8 "Front Page News" "Los Titulares del Día" The Headlines of the Day
9 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1" "La Historia de los Caballeros Valientes: Parte 1" The Story of the Brave Knights: Part 1
10 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2" "La Historia de los Caballeros Valientes: Parte 2" The Story of the Brave Knights: Part 2
11 "Le Master of Disguise" "Le Maestrô del Disfraz" Le Master of Disguise
12 "Match on Mt. Olympus" "Duelo en el Monte Olimpo" Duel on Mount Olympus
13 "The Great Dolphin Race" "La Carrera de los Delfines" The Great Dolphins' Race
14 "Caveman's Best Friend" "El Mejor Amigo del Cavernícola" Caveman's Best Friend
15 "Ranch Hands from Outer Space" "Los Ayudantes del Espacio" The Helpers from Space
16 "Robin Hood the Clean" "Robin Hood, el Limpio" Robin Hood the Clean
17 "Escape from Fairytale Village" "Escape de la Aldea Mágica" Escape from the Magic Village
18 "Pirate Camp" "Campamento Pirata" Pirate Camp
19 "The Two Musketeers" "Los dos Mosqueteros" The Two Musketeers
20 "The Masked Retriever" "La Recuperadora" The Retriever

Season 4[]

# Original title Spanish title Translation
1 "Robot Rampage: Part 1" "Los Robots Enloquecen: Parte 1" The Robots Are Driven Crazy: Part 1
2 "Robot Rampage: Part 2" "Los Robots Enloquecen: Parte 2" The Robots Are Driven Crazy: Part 2
3 "Catch that Train!" "¡Alcancen ese Tren!" Reach for that Train!
4 "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" "El Ataque del Gusano de 15 Metros" The Attack of the 15 Meter Worm
5 "Dragon Express" "Dragón Express" Dragon Express
6 "Flower Power" "La Chica Flor" The Flower Girl
7 "The Funnyman Boogeyman" "El Fantasma Gracioso" The Funny Ghost
8 "Follow the Feather" "Sigue la Pluma" Follow the Feather
9 "Break Out!" "Escape" Escape
10 "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" "Los Duendes de Acción salvan la Nochebuena" The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve
11 "Los Galacticos" "Los Galácticos" Los Galacticos
12 "For the Love of Socks!" "¡Por Todos los Calcetines!" For All the Socks!
13 "The Flipper" "El Maromero" The Acrobat
14 "Elephant on the Run" "La Fuga de la Elefanta" The Elephant's Runaway
15 "The Magic Skateboard" "La Patineta Mágica" The Magic Skateboard
16 "Pablor and the Acorns" "Pablor y las Bellotas" Pablor and the Acorns
17 "Super Team Awesome" "El Equipo Súper Fabuloso" The Fabulous Super Team
18 "The Big Dipper Diner" "El Café Osa Mayor" The Ursa Major Café
19 "The Amazing Splashinis" "Los Increíbles Saltinis" The Incredible Leapers
20 "The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon" "La Historia de un Dragón no tan Bueno" The Story of a Not-So-Good Dragon


The dub is primarily broadcast on Discovery Kids in Hispanic America. The episodes were also broadcast in the United States on Univision until 2015.


All four seasons of the dub have been released on DVD. Paramount released the first and fourth seasons while Nelvana and FremantleMedia licensed releases of the second and third seasons to Difusion S.A. and Zima Entertainment.

The first and second seasons were released on Netflix in all Latin American territories in 2015.


  • This dub has been commissioned for production, together with the Brazilian dub.
  • Season 4 episodes are mixed with 16:9 footage in post-production, but ultimately broadcast in SD 4:3.
  • No single intro is identical; rather than creating a single intro for each season, the introductions are placed manually, therefore being slightly off-sync.
  • Some episodes in the fourth season have their intros with an added slight reverb/echo effect in the vocals.
  • The vocals for the first season's intro are used for the following two seasons. The second season reuses the introductions from the first, while the third season features the introductions redone by the characters.
  • The fourth season's intro is completely re-recorded with new introductions and vocals, as well as the ending song featuring vocals from any character that appears in the given episode. That is until Elephant on the Run (S04E14), because from The Magic Skateboard (S04E15) onwards, the third season's intro and ending song are used instead.
  • The theme song to Blazing Paddles (S03E02) differs from the rest of the third season's; Pablo, Uniqua, and Tasha's solos are not edited in, and an unused recording of Austin's greeting by a mature-sounding Manuel Díaz (who voiced as Austin in the two seasons prior) is erroneously used in place of the standard recording by Héctor Ireta (Austin's current voice actor at the time), which may imply that Díaz may have been planned to voice Austin in that season.
  • A fragment of an audio demo by Alan García is erroneously placed in a part of Like a Robot, switching back to Maggie Vera's standard vocals prior and afterward; this implies that García recorded demos for the songs, but were recorded over by Vera, either way. This may imply that García was initially casted to take over the vocals and the dialogue altogether for Austin, ultimately replacing Maggie Vera; however, this is not the case, since Vera's vocals are used either way.
  • Pablo, Uniqua and Tasha has had the same Spanish voice actors throughout the show's run.


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