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"Me and My Friends" is a live-action pilot that was filmed at Nickelodeon Studios Florida in September 1998. The pilot's concept was later reworked into The Backyardigans.

Me and My Friends photo

The characters with a crew members



The plot featured Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, and Tasha having adventures in an early version of the backyard.


The characters were designed by illustrator Dan Yaccarino. Costume designer and developer Yvette Helin in New York worked with her team and sculptor Sal Denaro to realize the two-dimensional characters into life size walk-around character costumes. Yaccarino was a supervisor for the costume-building process. Yugi Yashimoto and Dann Quinn were hired to realize the head sculpts full size and engineer various remote control effects such as moving eyes and mouths.


The title "Me and My Friends" means the story was likely told from a specific character's point of view (since it uses "me/my"). Interviews with the show's creator, Janice Burgess, suggest that "Me" refers to Uniqua, who was based on Janice herself. "My Friends" refers to the rest of the Backyardigans, who were inspired by Janice's friends growing up.

"Uniqua is me. Or at least who I was as a kid." – Janice Burgess
"My inspiration was my own backyard in Pittsburgh. As a kid, me and my friends would play hide and seek and imagine we were sailing ships and fending off lions." – Janice Burgess


  • Austin does not appear in the pilot since he was not a planned character.
  • In the pilot, three characters called the Meerkats are introduced. At some point in the transition from live action to animation, they were removed.
  • Uniqua has visible nostrils and her spots are purple instead of hot pink and she has a thin tail.
  • Pablo has a darker blue color in the pilot than in the original series and his propeller is yellow instead of red.
  • Tyrone and Tasha's nostrils are black instead of dark orange and dark yellow. These were utilized as vision areas
  • Tyrone's t-shirt has dark blue and yellow stripes instead of blue and orange stripes and his hair is yellow-orange instead of red.
  • Tasha wears a small bow on her head.
  • Tyrone also has a stuffed rabbit in the pilot.
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