The meerkats (also spelled "Meercats") are minor characters in The Backyardigans. They were performed by Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, and Jim Kroupa.


The meerkats were puppet characters featured in the 1998 "Me and My Friends" pilot. Sometime during the transition from live-action to animation, the characters were removed from the series (or may have been directly linked to the "Me and My Friends" storyline and unusable without it). The images seen were taken from the website of 3Design.


There were three meerkat characters in the pilot: a red-colored one, a light-blue one, and a yellow one. All meerkats had two ears, a black button nose and a tail. The red meerkat had orange hair, the blue meerkat had a small tuft of purple hair and the yellow meerkat had a red cap covering the top of its head. All puppets had similar structures, with the blue one having a slightly larger nose than the other two.


The meerkats only appear in the unaired "Me and My Friends" pilot.

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