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This article is the episode. For the DVD, see Mission to Mars.

Episode Information

"Mission to Mars" is the first episode of The Backyardigans from the second season.



"It's an out-of-this-world adventure set to Ghanan Kenyan Highlife music as intrepid astronauts Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin blast off to Mars to find the source of a strange signal being transmitted back to Mission Control!"


Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin are lying down on the picnic table. Uniqua announces that they are astronauts. The camera moves to Tyrone and Tasha sitting in lawn chairs. Tasha explains to the viewer that the astronauts are going to Mars to figure out what is making a strange sound that makes this type of noise; "Boinga, Boinga, Boinga!." They all sing the song "We're Going to Mars".

The backyard transforms into a space station and the mission begins. The three astronauts enter a space shuttle, and Tasha and Tyrone enter the station and watch the astronauts on a screen, and they hear the "Boinga!" sound in person. They tell them they will lift off and count backward from ten. The shuttle launches into space; they then sing a reprise of "We're Going to Mars".

The astronauts land on the red and rocky planet Mars. Uniqua and Pablo exit the shuttle. Austin comes out the door with a Mars ROVER, which acts and barks like a dog and follows Austin. Austin plays fetch with ROVER, and ROVER chases after it and brings it back. They check if everything they packed is in order and sing "Ready for Anything". They hear the "Boinga" noise from the nearby hills and mountains again. The astronauts sit on the seats that ROVER has on his back and start to drive.

After a while, a few rocks hit the astronauts on their heads. They all see that it is a meteor shower. ROVER activates his umbrella mode as Uniqua calls Tyrone and Tasha, Ground Control, and tells them everything is all right, and it is just a small meteor shower. Tasha corrects Uniqua and states that there is no such thing as a "small" meteor shower, and warns her that they will get a lot bigger. Just then, a huge rock falls on Mars' surface.

ROVER's umbrella begins to bend from the rocks. They find a cave, and they all run into it. They take off their helmets and are astonished by the cave, ROVER wants to play ball, but Austin tells him, "Not right now, boy." As the astronauts stare off the ledge, they don't realize that it starts to crack. They began to head back because they didn't want to risk losing contact with Mission Control. As the ledge cracks more, ROVER nudges his ball over to Austin. The astronauts repeatedly warn, "No, no, no! No ball boy!" Then there was trouble: the ledge breaks, and the astronauts fall onto a rock slide.

They shout joyfully until the slide ends, and fall into a sea of purple liquid. They swim to a platform, and Austin suddenly gets worry that he will lost ROVER and that he crys. Uniqua reminds him that astronauts are ready for anything and that he shouldn't give up. She tries to contact Mission Control, but they lose contact with them because they're too deep underground.

Meanwhile, back at the space station, Tyrone and Tasha are not seeing the astronauts on the screen because they lost contact with them. Tyrone begins to worry until Tasha remembers that astronauts never give up. As Pablo and Austin lose hope and Uniqua encourages them, they sing the song "Astronauts Never Give Up". They jump from rock to rock until they can't find any more to jump on.

Gathered together on a rock, the astronauts notice bubbles rising from the liquid, and a robotic claw with a ball comes out of the water, making them gasp in shock. Uniqua predicts it is a martian, but Pablo says it's ROVER's ball. ROVER's head rises from the water, and Austin gets so excited because he is happy to have ROVER back. Suddenly, after ROVER Activates his floating function to continue their mission, they all hear the "Boinga" noise again; ROVER drives them to an underground martian city with a vast astonishing view where many magenta houses stand. Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin believe it may be a Martian dwelling.

As they drive to the shore, the "Boinga" sound is close, in a martian house. Uniqua rings the doorbell, and the door opens. They do not see anything until they look down at a small cute green martian. "Boinga!" the martian shrieks. The martian takes them inside, and they are greeted again by a large martian with eyelashes. The larger martian introduces herself as the small martian's mother and tells Boinga (the small martian) that it should be her bedtime, much to Boinga feeling a little sad. Then she explains that "boinga" is a martian's favorite word and means almost anything. They sing the song "Almost Everything Is Boinga".

The little martian calls Ground Control on her mother's cellphone. "Boinga-boinga-boinga!" the little martian shouts into the phone, and Tyrone answers. The martian hands the phone to Uniqua, and Uniqua informs Tyrone and Tasha that they succeeded in their mission. She tells them that the strange sound was only a martian and that she was calling them the whole time. Mommy Martian tells the astronauts they're off to bed and he announces them to come back and visit her anytime. Tasha informs the astronauts that it's time to head back to earth for a snack. Uniqua invites them to have s'mores at her house, and the station transforms back into the backyard. They enter Uniqua's house. Uniqua opens the previously closed door and shouts, "Boinga-boinga-boinga!", and the mission has success.



  • This is the first official episode:
    • In the US airing and production order where Pablo's speaking lines are provided by Jake Goldberg, and Leon Thomas III sings for Tyrone.
    • To be made in 2006, as indicated by the copyright stamp.
    • Where Uniqua's voice sounds a bit deeper.
  • This is second episode of the series where nobody's stomachs are heard growling in the end of the episode third.
  • This is the 21st episode to be available on YouTube.
  • This is the second time that all five main characters appear in the beginning in the backyard instead of four, three, two, or one, with neither one of them appearing after the transformation. The first was Cave Party.
  • If Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin were to travel to Mars in real-time, it would take them around seven months to do so.
  • The characters have new dancing animations during the end song starting from this episode. They will have the exact same animations for the second and third seasons.
    • The animation of the series also received a makeover as well as the characters:
      • Uniqua's House, Pablo's House, and Tyrone's House have been repainted in dark pink, dark blue, and dark orange respectively.
      • Austin's face is now more rounded, and his skin is now a lighter shade of purple.
      • Tasha's skin is now more sunny yellow, and her eyelashes appear to be a bit smaller in size.
    • Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua still retain their original facial designs, though with a few tweaks with their skins being more light blue, light orange, and light pink respectively.


  • The Space Shuttle in this episode takes off without the boosters and external fuel tank. In real life, the Space Shuttle actually acted like a glider without its boosters and external fuel tank.




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