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The Mission to Mars roller coaster is a Backyardigans-themed amusement park ride in the Nickland area of Movie Park Germany. It can reach speeds of 21.7 miles per hour. The coaster's track is 679 feet and 2 inches long and its highest point is 27 feet and 11 inches above the ground.

The ride is based on the season two episode "Mission to Mars". A statue of Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin riding ROVER is situated near the ride's entrance. Statues of Boinga and Mommy Martian were also created for the ride.


The roller coaster has been operating since 1996. The ride was known as "Coyote's und Roadrunner's Achterbahn" from 1996 to 2004. In 2005, it was renamed the "Rocket Rider Rollercoaster," and in 2007, it was rebranded as the Mission to Mars roller coaster.


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