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"Mix It Up" is a song from the episode "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman".

Characters singing


Uniqua: Mix it up, make it up, shake it up.

Pablo: Mix it up, break it up, perk it up. You'll be amazed.

Uniqua: You will be shocked.

Both: At the things that we concoct.

Uniqua: Some make bubbles.

Pablo: Some make fizzes.

Both: We are scientific whizzes!

Pablo: Mix it up, make it up, stir it up.

Uniqua: Mix it up, twirl it up, whip it up.

Pablo: Add substance X to substance Y.

Uniqua: It smells just like apple pie.

Pablo: Add substance Y to substance Z.

Uniqua: Another great discovery!

Pablo: Experimenting is the scientist's quest.

Uniqua: We put every formula to the test.

Pablo: Experimenting is the point of this song.

Both: It's an experiment! What could go wrong? Mix it up, work it up, perk it up, mix it up, make it up, shake it up.